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« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 01:47:52 »
Oh wow, just came back to find a whole flock of these suckers -- I love all of these, especially the Qianlima as a fan of CERSL spamming. A shame that last one probably isn't street-legal, but the rest I'm definitely gonna have to find a way to put into my Horse Galaxy.

Great to hear.  We aims to please.
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 01:47:16 »
I meant give the LAMs area attack weapons. Sure, they take a +4 to attack while flanking but shooting at a hex is -4.

Gotcha.  Clanners may look down on mortars, but that would be a good option for a Spheroid LAM, especially if mortars are made available in the Star League and Succession Wars eras.
Personally I would want some return of comstar/the Blessed Order, since I want to use those mechs and stuff in the new Era. If they can bring Smoke Jaguar Back, The Blessed Order isn't too far fetched. I know they had them in a book recently, but I heard it was a one off thing which kinda makes me upset. A secret subterfuge war between the Blessed Order and Sea Fox would be cool to have trying to wrestle control of the HPG Network.
I don't think Luthien is the only strike in the Black Dragon coup, killing Coordinator's wife and heir but leaving Coordinator himself alive would be a terrible strategy, so there is surely also an attempt at Theodore's life as well, either by assassin or battlefield betrayal.
Off Topic / Re: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 01:09:42 »
At least it wasn't like what happened with one of my other friends..  HIS MOTHER tossed OUT (into the trash), HIS toy collection, when he went off to Saudi for a 2 yr tour at the AFB there..  Man was he peeved..

I've heard of a few other folk, who had similar happen to them.  One with his comic collection, which his WIFE tossed out, when he went off to A-school for HIS military career.. 
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 01:07:18 »
C3??  Interesting option.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Another Thread for Dinosaur Talk
« Last post by Frabby on Today at 01:04:50 »
Not sure what the previous thread was, but in case it was missed - canonically there is also the Lézard de tonnerre on Farhome.
on my pokemon postgame bullshit. need to make a variety of raid busting solo mons because i'd rather die than play games with other people

High comedy:

Azumarill @Shell Bell
Ability: Huge Power
EVs: 252HP/252ATK/4DF
Nature: Adamant
-Play Rough
-Belly Drum
-Light Screen / Superpower

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Issue was never resolved.  The original thread has not been deleted as requested four days ago.  There was no response when I asked if there was an update on this issue five days ago.  And the original thread is still “Awaiting Approval” despite Moonsword’s promise here to approve it a week ago.  You can still find the original thread here:

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I get that stuff happens and folks are volunteering their time here.  But Admins should not be admonishing a poster about a minor double-post when the Admins and Mods failed to address or even communicate for days and days on the technical issue that forced the double-post in the first place.  It’s no fun and certainly the poster’s fault if a problem with the website sends a couple hours worth of work on a design and fluff into The Phantom Zone with no resolution or even follow-up from website staff on whether one is in the works.  After staff fail to follow up for days and days, they should expect posters to try to post again so the posters’ work does not go to waste and not cast blame on posters for doing so.  Censoring legitimate poster contributions because of unrelated and unfixed technical issues does not encourage participation in the forums here.
I really admire Your attention to this detail. It reminds me of w 3050 Mercenary's handbook, or Field Manuals. One of my favourite Aerotech scenarios are combat 'Mech drops from orbit. Even a simple Union is huge in comparison to Mech cocoons. This lets me think about absolutely massive amount of burned supply leading to that point.

Which leads me to the classic Aerotech Map (which is totally compatible with Aero2). It is a single planet and moon system. If I damage enemy dropship, it will not land on the planet, nor drop 'Mechs. Problem solved. It don't have to make an intercept fleet (even if the we have rules for high velocity flyby engagements). I only have to wait for the enemy to appear in my best spot, which is in sensor range near the planet. The only other place worth protecting are Zenith and Nadir points. They are called "points", but are pretty huge areas. There are only three areas worth guarding.

The industry of Great Houses was always pitiful, compared to military expanses. Capella had like 5 'Mech factories at some point and they somehow survived that. Now look at the attached map. This is Lyran space in 3079 with only four systems capable of producing large craft, on of them beeing Skye. They're fine with that. Maybe civilian dropships like Mule don't have to visit Alliance station every year. Most of them are decades out of warranty anyway.

I'll counter this way:

Take a Jump Point.  We know where the jump points are, and it's not rocket surgery to use a telescope (even a ground based one) to verify who's sitting at that point.  (considering the needs for optics to make weapons-grade lasers, optical telescopes should be VERY good indeed.)

Now, to land a viable force that won't die immediately, your proposed invaders really can't sustain more than around 1 gravity for any duration.  This tells us what their course is going to be, because it's the course they have to take to land their forces on the planet intact and able to fight, rather than exhausted and injured and in need of a nice hospital stay.
With a Navy built of vessels that don't have to shepherd a force of ground troops and their ground troop equipment, making the interception is a matter of math and having good local charts with a decent stop-watch.

Oh, and enough fuel to actually fly the interception.

Why? because such a naval unit, isn't trying to keep their passengers intact enough to fight on the ground over a 7 day trip from the jump point (or even a 4-12 hour trip from the L1).

See, sustained gravity stress does NOT do nice things to human bodies.  A colonist from a 1.5 gee planet better have major genetic modifications or pregnancy results, not in stronger babies, but in miscarriages and bleeding out through the crotch, (also heart problems, digestive issues and shortened lifespan.)

Soldiers can survive BRIEF periods of high gravity, aviators can do it for slightly longer periods-but still have to taper off, because even sustained as little as two or three gees and your pilots become exhausted without proper support equipment and a nice, semi-prone seating experience.  (See: F-16 cockpit layout and what actually goes into a flight suit.)

While you can certainly compensate with 24th to 30th century tech advances for the flight crew, doing so for a cargo of ground-pounders is probably outside the realm of reason.

Following me here?  Because Battletech does not include inertial dampening.

High gee manuevers are going to be short duration no matter WHERE you are in a solar system, planetary orbit, between points, or at the jump point itself, esp. for any force on the attack.

we're not even touching on wear and tear to your ships yet.  This is just the squishy bits that run them.

Space is frictionless.  This was actually forgotten, largely, by the original developers of Aerotech 1, who seemed to have forgotten that you don't need constant thrust to maintain constant velocity, there's no floor in space, and that space is a three dimensional battlefield with no cover.

Meaning you don't need powerful sensor arrays if you can point your telescope in the right direction, since nobody's even approaching superluminal velocity. (or for the most part, relativistic velocities), and that huge Fusion torch is going to be visible at multiple AU Through Cloud Cover.

at least, at the stable constants of zenith and Nadir, and any semi-stable L1 point.

You don't need radar, you just need astronomy classes and relatively basic 19th century equipment.

why? because again, we don't have reactionless drives, and fusion heated helium is one of the main outputs from Mister Sun.

Fastest USEFUL approach would be one gee to the turnover, and one gee deceleration to orbit.  That's a pretty straight, predictable line. 

Interception isn't an issue...for adequately trained personnel in equivalent hardware.  harder accelerations are certainly POSSIBLE, but they aren't PRACTICAL if you're landing ground forces.  (it's basically sacrificing your load of ground troops as chaff to absorb ammunition-the recovery time is days to weeks to months to no recovery, depending how long they had to endure multiple gees, which measures into days even under ideal conditions if you want to go fast enough not to be intercepted or completely predictable.)

We knew about this stuff in the 1950s.  Battletech is 'the future as seen in the eighties'.

so it's not that tough to extrapolate.  High gee manuevering beats the shit out of your passengers...and it turns out that sustained existence at null or low gee doesn't have a good impact on fitness for soldiers either.  Lost muscle mass and circulatory problems, reduced bone mass, etcetera.  This would have to be addressed through medical technology.

medical tech unlikely to be widespread, without the kind of population that evolves a Naval force before they evolve a ground force.

which nobody really did or retained, per the Canon, making all of the above I just wrote, pointless.

BUT, if you're doing a campaign and want to make it more immersive, it can be very helpful to consider the 'unaddressed consequences' that aren't looked at too closely by the game designers, like the medical and ACTUAL tactical impacts of the technology as presented.  (lord knows the Devs can't-it would literally break the game's setting, possibly irreparably.)

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