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Fan Art / Re: Revenants of the Star League Art thread
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 17:44:51 »
None of them are working with Amanda.  And the two that teach toddlers also already have preferred forms.

One of which I missed: Lucy Heerman.

General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Vehicle Only Merc Units
« Last post by Deadborder on Today at 17:41:59 »
Blake Security Aviation consists of unspecified Conventional fighters. It's also a Crimson Skies ref, so there's that
this would be a lot easier if distributors didn't hide their current catalogs behind account passwords

ACD Distribution does not keep their catalogs behind account passwords.  Everything in the Catalyst Game Labs catalog has the CYT prefix (and the Mercenaries box has been up for pre-order since April 7th  ;D ).
The oversized sensor wing is very similar, but I much prefer the torso details of the old BT version. A gently updated 1A plastic mini would be cool.
awww, I like that guy.

But, my curiosity is piqued ... I do not recall seeing any original version art?  Any other references?

also, I have not looked at the titan II mini (going to IWN now though) (2nd edit: meh, not that bad ... not that good, but I think minis are starting to look better and better).

The Titan originated in Battletechnology. All I have to offer of its original art is this inverted version, which for some reason is the only one left online. Plog's art for the Titan II in TRO 3075 is perfectly serviceable, but the less said about the mini the better.

Fair point!  :thumbsup:
BattleMechs / Re: a tiny technical challenge..
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 17:28:56 »
Fan Art / Re: Revenants of the Star League Art thread
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 17:27:35 »
Hmmm... which AI is working closest with her aside from Stacey?  Perhaps one of the ones that likes to teach toddlers how to blow things up?  ^-^
That should do the trick, yep!  :thumbsup:

Though personally, I'd probably drop one of the Medium Lasers for the other two Jump Jets...  ^-^
I just thought it was nice that the intended armament fit perfectly on the standard SHD. :)
yeah artillery cannons are the best for this job pre-TC+Pulse cheese
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