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Fan Fiction / Re: Self Configuring Modular Robot.
« Last post by georgiaboy on Today at 10:54:29 »
Drop a drone into the atmosphere.

Which has the same electronics int, that the units on the planet have.

So it gets taken over by the Hive mind of the planet. Which should be of such a size, that it is of Genius level. Maybe even able to talk?

Wonder if the Hive mind can take control of the Irregulars Dropship and cause it to land.
MegaMek Games / Re: AtB Unit Generation Tool and Assorted Goodies
« Last post by pfarland on Today at 10:52:26 »
<snip> Just point me at it so I can see how it's being used. The backends are just hidden sheets in the main file for ease of access/edit. <snip>

Point you at your own Backend tables? I'm confused. And is there a way to unhide them?

I'm SLOWLY working on a Clan (maybe later an Inner Sphere) Lifepath Generator. Mostly for my own use, but also for a campaign I want to get together for people to play as some remaining Clan Smoke Jaguar right after the annihilation.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Finally, the BattleTech film we need
« Last post by Angrii on Today at 10:52:05 »
Be careful what you wish for... do you really want to see Natasha Kerensky, Rhonda Snord and Malvina Hazen as Disney princesses?  ;D

Quit playing games with my heart...
Combat Vehicles / The Marines want an IFV with a twist.
« Last post by FastConcentrate8 on Today at 10:47:41 »
So, a nation with Inner Sphere tech wants for their Marine Corps an IFV with some very particular requirements. Unlike most IS Marine Corps, this one in addition to ship board security and boarding is also tasked with securing landing zones for DropShip Assaults and Planetary Beach Heads. As such, they want a jump capable IFV so that Marine Infantry Units can be instantly mechanized upon hitting the ground in an orbital drop or a hover drop.

The only weight requirement is that it must be able to fit in a light vehicle bay.

Era is Immediate Pre-Clan Invasion (Late 3040s).
Aerospace / simple Challenge, should be easy.
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 10:46:13 »
Ingredients:  any advanced tech base, but you have to use a 400 rated fusion engine and Standard, Single Heat sinks.

That is, a Standard 400 rated fusion engine.  You can do anything you want with it otherwise.

Grading: the usual applies, faster for the weight is better, consider either role or bomb-load, and watch your costs.
The MUL doesn't even have an entry for the NTNU stuff in 3150. It's possible that it's missing stuff from Prototypes, but I'm, like, REALLY lazy, and not willing to check.
Yes, it's an intentionally faux name. I'm not sure Romano or Tormano are 'proper' names either, in any language. Or Candace, Tormax... Liao names are all over the place.

On reflection, there's a better name than Zhujiao. What could be more fitting than the child of Maximilian Liao and Elizabeth Jordan Liao but to be called Melissa? And then Katrina Steiner went and gave her daughter the same name a couple of months later!

Littlest Liao

As the Chancellor’s youngest daughter, Melissa Liao had modest ambitions: to design the weapons needed by the soldiers of her beloved nation. But after she had designed them, she found that she would need to create the factories to build them, and rebuild the economy to feed those factories, and the government that would allow that economy to exist. And given the effects of all that on society, one must wonder how much she loved the nation she was born into… for it would have little in common with the one she would forge.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Finally, the BattleTech film we need
« Last post by Pat Payne on Today at 10:40:10 »
Be careful what you wish for... do you really want to see Natasha Kerensky, Rhonda Snord and Malvina Hazen as Disney princesses?  ;D
Fan Fiction / Re: Self Configuring Modular Robot.
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 10:33:21 »
"was it some kind of contagion?  Why didn't anyone...

...send out a call for help?"  Cranston Snord's questions were logical, rational even.  The presence of lights on the night side of the planet where those lights should be...but aside from large amounts of deeply encrypted radio traffic, Callison was silent.

No entertainment, no news programs, no HAM Radio even.

just gigaquads of random pulses across a broad variety of signals.

constant chatter that made zero sense.

"We're not landing there without backup." He decided.  "Rhonda, I'll be in my office, have the crew keep monitoring the airwaves, see if you can figure out what we're missing."

I noticed a few weeks back that the HBS "Shadowrun Trilogy" is coming to Consoles on 21 June.

"on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5"!!  :excited:

For those unaware, the "Shadowrun Trilogy" were also made by HBS, the same company that made the BT game. So now I'M wondering, will they be porting their BT game to Consoles as well?   ???  While I backed the KS for it, and I've been playing it (via GOG) since shortly after it was released, I know I'd buy it AGAIN, for the Series X, IF they were to port it over.   :thumbsup:

Still pondering getting the SR Trilogy for the Series X (despite having the 3 from GOG on the PC), but I REALLY want a Physical Copy, and I've yet to see any evidence of it being offered.   :'(  Yes, I can get the Digital version, but again I Prefer Physical Copy.
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