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The “Divided” may also be who recognizes the Wolves as the iKhan and disagrees (or cares).  The Dominion unlike some of the other Clans care about their lower castes.  Maybe in some cases although they follow Clan traditions they do not necessarily think of themselves as Clan.
Fan Articles / Re: MotW Schedule Thread 2017
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 21:21:30 »

Mastadon and Kontio are up, partly thanks to the MLK holiday.  Rime Otter will be up on or before 1/29 weekend.  May turn to Amarok and StormWolf after that, but happy if someone beats me to them.
Arguably it was the Khan's who died in the Revival Trials who managed that.
Is that a very large elemental behind the right foot of the Huntsman? 

Also, can't unsee the Federation uniforms now... lol
I am more worried about the guy standing on the hip. One step and he is gone.
Oh!  A 3033 timestamp will definitely get a read when it isn't after bed time.  More snowstorm reading to do this weekend...  :thumbsup:
Shoutout to that one guy who climbed up a mech to try and bash the cockpit in with a stick, your sacrifice will be remembered o7

He'd better hope that AMS doesn't get activated, though.
Yeah, that part was something I actually liked.
probably Star Captain Justine as detailed in the Battle History part of the TRO entry

No doubt.

The Karhu technically comes from a FRR factory and had a FRR lean. Compare with the Mad Dog III. The Drakøns are the ones pushing for physical combat. The rest of us are along for the ride.

In the distribution section, I did mention that the Bears proper are not wild about the Kontio but that the Rasalhagians do like the design.

The Dominion has been playing with Stealth since the 3080s when the Kobold's design teams got access to Clantech. The vibro claw equipped Wraith is worth a look here.

I did think of the BA precedents, but Clan BA has always engaged in physical attacks and the article was getting long.  I thought the mech “claw” precedent in the Karhu and the link through Bergan to mech-scale stealth armor were more important in terms of background.  Maybe I’ll drop the Falcon talon references for the BA.

Further on the Stealth, you don't need to leave it on.

Kontio needs the Stealth on to activate TSM (or turn off freezers or have prior crits or external heat).  But once she’s overheating +9, the TSM bonuses can be maintained with Stealth off if more firepower is preferred.  I’ll try to add a mention without making the article much longer.

I genuinely dislike the Kontio, largely because of its BV and the effect that Claws have on hit numbers.

I did reference the +1 that the Claws impose in the Future Evolution section.  All things equal, the Kontio or something like it would be better as a 55-tonner without Claws (but would probably be even higher BV).

That said, I appreciate the innovation in stacking the TSM and Claws on a 40-ton frame to create a minimum-sized mech for decapitating punches.  It pushes the design space in a way not seen before in the canon.  Better to-hit numbers are probably better most of the time than higher decapitation probabilities on hit location tables.  But that decapitation (or rear-torso punch) threat on something that fast and survivable is still potent.

And despite the BV, it’s well done.  We could remove the arms, and the Kontio still has the speed to get behind targets, enough armor to survive a close encounter or two, and enough lasers to open up rear torsos.  I’d still take it over a couple similarly equipped Fire Moths that will fall apart before or right after they get into the target’s rear or a lot of poorly designed melee mechs.

Would I rather have a Carrion Crow?  Sure.  But in the role it plays, the Kontio is pretty good.  (And it’s certainly better thought through than the other designs attributed to WarBear.  If I get around to writing up the Amarok or StormWolf, those won’t be pretty.)
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: MechWarrior Second Edition Optional rule.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 21:13:04 »
Cool!  Please poke me on Friday as a reminder...  :thumbsup:
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