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Added a section on the Mastodon’s quirks.  Considering the article finished unless anyone finds other errors/omissions (or there are new configurations!).
Fan Articles / Re: RecGuide Review of the Week: Kontio Melee Mech
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 21:26:53 »
We could remove the arms, and the Kontio still has the speed to get behind targets, enough armor to survive a close encounter or two, and enough lasers to open up rear torsos.

I think this is ultimately my problem with it, because I'd genuinely rather have one that just didn't have arms than what we ended up with.  This isn't a reflection on poor design, it's entirely on how I don't feel it's able to leverage its effectiveness well enough to justify its price tag.
The “Divided” may also be who recognizes the Wolves as the iKhan and disagrees (or cares).  The Dominion unlike some of the other Clans care about their lower castes.  Maybe in some cases although they follow Clan traditions they do not necessarily think of themselves as Clan.
Fan Articles / Re: MotW Schedule Thread 2017
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 21:21:30 »

Mastadon and Kontio are up, partly thanks to the MLK holiday.  Rime Otter will be up on or before 1/29 weekend.  May turn to Amarok and StormWolf after that, but happy if someone beats me to them.
Arguably it was the Khan's who died in the Revival Trials who managed that.
Is that a very large elemental behind the right foot of the Huntsman? 

Also, can't unsee the Federation uniforms now... lol
I am more worried about the guy standing on the hip. One step and he is gone.
Oh!  A 3033 timestamp will definitely get a read when it isn't after bed time.  More snowstorm reading to do this weekend...  :thumbsup:
Shoutout to that one guy who climbed up a mech to try and bash the cockpit in with a stick, your sacrifice will be remembered o7

He'd better hope that AMS doesn't get activated, though.
Yeah, that part was something I actually liked.
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