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Aerospace Combat / What to call the "sensors" officer?
« Last post by Alan Grant on Today at 07:19:40 »
On a dropship/jumpship/warship I'm trying to think of a good official title or term for the officers/crew/department in charge of sensors. Radar, neutrino scanners, passive and active scanners of all kinds, thermal imaging, even optical telescopes pop up on some spacecraft. If it helps to be more specific this would be aboard a warship, so big department with all the fancy toys.

For some reason I hate the term "sensors" and I'm not sure I've ever seen it used in BT as a title or department. If that turns out to be legit by canon source I'll accept it, but until then to me it's a little too sci-fi generic.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Aerospace Combat / Re: How do warship Grav Decks handle thrust?
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 07:18:55 »
Au contraire, per scenes from "Isle of the Blessed" spaceships, especially combat spaceships, are outfitted with Oak AND Mahogany interior furnishings, and bone china least, if you're the Word of Blake.

Well the tea set certainly counts as frangible, I'd say. I don't know the math to check, but I'm reasonably certain it'll take a lot more than 2.5 Gs to put any of those pieces *through* a bulkhead before they shatter into dust, and I don't recall the WoB having anything faster than 3/5 in that system, at least mentioned onscreen.

As for the's hoping they've got really good restraining straps for storing that stuff.
A great fighter I like from a stats POV. And I do NOT like at all for its looks. Weapon-wise I prefer it over the Slayer by a large margin, but for looks I will take a Slayer ever time.

The Slayer is one of my favorite Inner Sphere fighters for its looks - it looks like it can actually fly!  I agree that the Eagle's armament is nothing to ignore, though.  I think the Royal Eagle is like a better Shiva Prime.

I'd love for the original Inner Sphere aerospace fighters to get an art refresh to make them less like bricks.
We already have all the rules we need for that! Branth and Tariqs can be used as is, very large (Elephant sized) and monstrous animals can mount 2 or 3 support weapons per creature - it's all there!
It involves dinosaurs.

The answer is so obvious, Beast Mounted Infantry. (Please make this canon)
Fan Articles / Re: Mech of the Week: Ocelot
« Last post by Scrollreader on Today at 06:39:14 »
I'm always glad to see an article on a mech I'm unfamiliar with.

  I agree the high end of Light Mechs (30-35) is pretty crowded, but I think it's something like a requirement in the current threat environment.  Anything smaller is just too fragile.

I just can't get over the looks, though.  While some mechs benefit from the 'low resource/resource cheap' semi industrial look of the DA stuff, this is definitely not one of them.  And then on top of the 'assembled from empty Amazon boxes' look, those weird rear foot extensions, massive shinguards, and fake wings are really not doing it for me.
  I’m going to try to remedy that, but I need to apologise to the OCD types in advance: it’ll be happening in no particular order, as interest and time allow.

I can absolutely understand how motivation can just ... run out.   And there shouldn't be any pressure,  but even before I knew anything about anything but the giant stompy robots, I always appreciated your articles.   There was flavor, and backstory, and most importantly *context*.

  Well before I was ever brave enough to add ASF to my games, things like your Force Overviews, or remarking on how Helm or REVIVAL suddenly made an airframe obsolete,  or changed the role it can fill on the battlefield were super helpful to understanding the battle before the battle (for Air Superiority) and got me more invested in first describing,  and then adding ASF and CF elements to my games.

Thank you for all the articles you have already given us, and it's great to see another one!
Industrial Rebirth.  All those Dropship and Jumpship shipyards that should have been present in the Clickytech era are rebuilt.  Worlds needing Water Purification plants get them.  Worlds that have lost technology get unified copies of the Helm and Dallas memory cores.  Overall tech level is brought up so none of the worlds are "Regressed", Low-Tech, No industrialization, Heavily dependent, No output, or "Barren".  The existing USILR codes have to be redone so 'A' represents near zero in a category, rather than needing to use "A(Advanced)".

Rebirth of colonization, where one or more nations decide to start colonizing all those uninhabitable planets using standardized packages or even delivering Space Stations to be similar to Belters.  This could be due to automated industry on a hellworld below the Space Stations, where material is mined, refined, and launched to the hungry space stations in orbit.

Increase of inherent KF core range, aka the standard 95% core can now reach 40 light-years.

Nearly all the worlds now have resources worth stealing, worlds have somewhere to fall from, more Jumpships and Dropships to satisfy needs, colonization fleets with expensive tech are present to be raided, and increased KF range means more targets for pirates within 1 jump (30 ly -> 40 ly = 68% more volume to pick a target in)

Return of WarShips

This.  They might be small Warships, but they are starting to get produced again.
« Last post by Lagrange on Today at 06:10:15 »
I believe it's actually Safe Thrust 5 / Max Thrust 8.

Edit: I seem to recall that a bomb bay TAG takes a penalty of 2?  It might be better to just make it a weapon?

Return of WarShips

The expansion of ilClan territory, the ilClan essentially expanding to minimum Terran Hegemony size and possibly beyond
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