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Off Topic / Re: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 10:26:16 »
Roadbuster is from Dorvack as well
Fire and flame tv
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: 1st Augustine Arquebusiers
« Last post by avon1985 on Today at 10:22:24 »
Very Sweet! :thumbsup:
Off Topic / Re: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer
« Last post by Mecha82 on Today at 10:20:38 »
He was a straight up import of a Macross action figure.  Which was why he never got reissued and the cartoon and comic book versions of him looked nothing like the toy.  It's all the fault of The Company That Shall Not Be Named!

At least he got a really sweet figure in the Siege toyline.

Autobot named Whirl is similar case as his G1 toy was taken from toyline for anime called Dorvack.
Might we get a new Shrapnel this weekend, or next?

Usually around the 15th.
Aerospace Combat / Re: What to call the "sensors" officer?
« Last post by BATTLEMASTER on Today at 10:13:43 »
IRL warship sensor operators are just referred to as that - sensor operators  :P  Though I believe some of them might have specific descriptors, like sonar operator or radar operator.  Perhaps on a BattleTech warship you might have a K-F emergence scanner operator in addition to a radar operator.  I'm not familiar with useful space-based sensors so there are probably others you might be able to use.
Aerospace Combat / Re: How do warship Grav Decks handle thrust?
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 10:02:56 »
Do the rules reflect this as well?

The answer is complex.

Under standard movement rules, spacecraft (WarShips included) can indeed use their max thrust when decelerating. Oddly enough, they aren't allowed to move backwards even in space - your forward velocity can be a positive number or it can be zero, but it can never be negative. Compromises for simplicity, one assumes.

Under the advanced vector movement rules, the bulk of your available thrust can only be used to thrust forward or to rotate, like a game of Asteroid. However, your can use your various maneuvering thrusters to expend one of your available thrust points in any direction, giving ships a limited ability to sideslip or decelerate without having to swing their butt trumpets around first. It's nowhere near max thrust, but getting a half-gee just from maneuvering jets is still pretty damned impressive when you think about it.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Nova Cat - Zombie Catgirl Extravaganza
« Last post by cmerwin on Today at 09:57:54 »

"Oathmaster. I have had a Vision, but I do not understand it. I see....I see...visions of sugar plums? I do not understand."
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 09:55:55 »
It can move 21 hexes and shoot two LPLs while keep the mech cold. Great.

Thx, PLLP.

Clans Large Pulse Laser is the ultimate long ranged weapon above everything else. Also ER Large Laser cause more heat, although it is smaller. I don't think that it needs to swap that by the other weapons if a mech is able to have two of these.

Not to mention that AirMech Cruise cause the unit to suffer a +3 modifier on their attacks, so add a targeting computer on the pulse laser is never be a bad idea.

Exactly.  In fact, it’s worse than that if the LAM is flanking in AirMech mode (+4 movement mod).  LAMs really need negative to-hit modifiers if their firepower is going to be effective in AirMech mode.
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