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A Time of War / Re: The future of "A Time of War"
« Last post by victor_shaw on 02 July 2022, 23:26:41 »
I can't think of any combination of modules that forces you to take Fast Learner if you don't want it.

What does that have to do with the cost?  ???
Fan Fiction / Re: I get knocked down...
« Last post by Deathrider6 on 02 July 2022, 23:15:13 »
Kallon Industries of Kirklin May 16Th, 3039.

   The butterflies had left as Leftenant Russell sipped on the waterglass thoughtfully left under the podium.   
   "The efforts of all of you as factory workers from the custodians to the senior management are what are helping us win. Buying bonds is also another way to contribute and once they mature can be cashed in to make the down or final payment on a home or ground car. Possible Start a college fund for a child or grandchild or even fund your retirement nest egg. Every Kroner or Pound counts!" He took another sip of water.
    "I would rather be stomping Dracs into snail snot but even being here speaking to you allows me to contribute. My Wolverine battlemech uses your Class Five autocannon and ammo. That system and the ammunition are of the highest quality thanks to your efforts. I cannot thank you all enough. I would talk longer but the banquet that has been put on for this drive looks and smells delicious and I am wanting to try the divine looking ham. Thank you for having me and buy bonds!"

   The Audience clapped politely as he stepped back from the podium and began to walk to his seat at the head table. The Major in charge gave him a thumbs up and grinned.

At 48 38 tons, is it really that light?

It's light for a modern MBT, most of which are in the 50-60 ton range. The Brits have just gone extra-heavy for their MBTs going back to Chieftain.

Leopard 2 and Abrams are like the Jumbo Shermans. They started off around the same weight as most other modern MBTs and just kept piling on more and more armour. About a dozen tons each. In hindsight, it's miraculous all that weight has done a number on their suspensions and other parts.

C1 Ariete (1995): 54 tons
Leclerc (1992): 54.5 tons (series 1), 56.3 tons (series 2), 57.4 tons (series XXI)
Type 90 (1990): 50.2 tons
Type 10 (2012): 40 tons (basic loadout), 44 tons (standard loadout), 48 tons (full loadout)
M1 Abrams (1980): 54 tons, 57 tons (M1A1), 65 tons (M1A2 SEP v2), 67 tons (M1A2 SEP v3)
Leopard 2: 55 tons (2A4), 59.5 tons (2A5), 62.5 tons (2A6M), 66.5 tons (2A7V)
Challenger 1: 62 tons (regular), 70 tons (external armour)
Challenger 2: 64 tons (regular), 74 tons (external armour)
Type 98/99: 51 tons (98), 55 tons (99A)
Type 96: 41 tons, 43 tons (96A/96B)
K1: 51 tons, 53 tons (A1), 54.5 tons (A2)
K2: 55 tons
Altay: 65 tons
T-90: 46 tons, 46.5 tons (A), 48 tons (SM)
T-80: 42.5 tons (B), 46 tons (U)
T-72: 41.5 tons (A), 44.5 tons (B)
Merkava: 63 tons (Mk. 1/2), 65 tons (Mk. 3/4)

Some older MBTs:
Chieftain: 55 tons
Leopard 1: 42 tons
AMX-30: 36 tons
T-64: 38 tons (A)
T-62: 37 tons
M60: 46 tons, 48 tons (A1), 49.5 tons (A3)
Type 74: 38 tons

Just for reference, the last heavy tanks:
T-10: 52 tons
M103: 59 tons
Conqueror: 64 tons

And some 'medium' tanks (most as originally designated, but later switched to MBT)
Panzer 61: 39 tons
Panzer 68: 41 tons
M46: 44 tons
TAM: 30.5 tons

I'd also note the MPF is still a prototype, so once all the nubbins are added on, it probably actually will weigh and probably perform a lot like a previous-generation MBT like a Leo 1 or AMX-30. AJAX is listed as having 'growth potential' to 42 tons, and has about an 800 horsepower engine, which is... yeah. A Leo 1.

Or conceptually, maybe a bit like the TAM which combined a Leopard 1-ish turret on an IFV (Marder) hull
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by glitterboy2098 on 02 July 2022, 23:07:10 »
i'd assume it has a higher concentration of whatever plant and animal species still survive on the planet, and that they did manage to avoid complete failure for as many decades as they could before any damage it took caused unfixable breaches. fixing the dome would be a high priority directive for them.. not that there would be any of the parts needed for it. but i figure they'd probably keep as much of the surviving environmental control facilities working as they can (since their engineering support automechs would never have been told to stop) so the land below the remains of the dome would have more water, fertilizers, etc being delivered to it, leading to more plantlife and the concommitant wildlife. (possibly, they might even send expeditions out to the rest of the planet to grab samples to bring back, following really old directives. giving an excuse for teams of them to show up just about anywhere.)
Off Topic / Re: O' CANADA!!!
« Last post by BrianDavion on 02 July 2022, 23:04:23 »
Don't tell me the decision to put Moving Day in Quebec on July 1 wasn't made intentionally and without malice.  >:(

It forces people here into 2 classes:  those with their own place (or at least buying them gradually from the bank) who can actually slack off and celebrate, and those who have to cram the celebration into the last few hours of the day after a hard day relocating--assuming they have some place to go.



I'm sure the government of Quebec is heart broken if you can't celebrate Canada day, truely...

  Compared to the Abrams it's light. I think my treasured M109A2 weighs only a bit more and she is an SPA.
It's heavier than most Sherman variants.
Non-Combat Vehicles / Re: Colony construction vehicles
« Last post by idea weenie on 02 July 2022, 22:48:19 »
Key concern I'd have with these vehicles is that all four chasses are different:

DZ-1 - a 25-ton bulldozer/digger
DZ-2 - a 20-ton dumper that can handle 6.5 tons of cargo
DZ-3 - a 35-ton Pile Driver/liquids carrier
DZ-4 - a 30-ton with 6 tons of payload and a single AC/2

For a brand new colony you don't have that much maintenance capacity, yet here there are four different engine and chassis sizes.

The first change I'd make is converting all four vehicles to the same mass.  Since the largest is 35 tons, make them all 35-tons in mass.  From there, you already have them moving at the same speed, so that should make them the same complexity/cost, meaning one engine can be used to work in any vehicle.

Similarly, having all the chasses getting the same structural options means parts for one vehicle can be used for other vehicles as well, instead of trying to convert structure for a 20-ton DZ-2 to work on a 35-ton DZ-3.

Ideally, you'd design them as 35-ton 'Omnivehicles', but instead of paying for the full Omni capability, you just have the same basic hull for all four, and just add other attachments as appropriate.  So the Bulldozer/digger will be 35 tons, and might have a bit of extra cargo capacity.  The Dumper will have a cargo size appropriate for its larger mass.  The DZ-4 might have its AC/2 removed in order to carry better cargo.

DZ-1 - only has the cargo capacity.  This will serve as your 'default' configuration.
DZ-2 through DZ-4 - various other civilian configurations
DZA-1 through DZA-4 - various armed variants of their appropriate civilian equivalents.

One idea for the armed version would be the Dumper getting the equivalent of a Field Gun, and storing that in the back of its cargo bay.  Even better is if it had 15 tons of cargo capacity, you could put in a single AC/2, 1 ton of AC/2 ammo, and mark the rest of it as 'loose gravel' and assign some amount of armor points to it to reflect the gravel taking lighter hits instead of the AC/2.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Grenade Launchers
« Last post by idea weenie on 02 July 2022, 22:30:07 »
That combination sounds like using AP ammo in a shot gun... doable, but of questionable value...  ^-^

It was used in the first Expendables movie here (just the AA-12), and here (Frag-12 vs a guard tower).  The key is to have someone sufficiently big and strong enough to wield it.
The U.S. Army on Tuesday selected General Dynamics Land Systems as winner of the Mobile Protected Firepower (we can't say light tank anymore apparently) contract.

At 48 38 tons, is it really that light?
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