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Boy wouldn't that be nice. We've been at this for quite a few years and have learned the hard way that gentle suggestions are like whispers in an elementary school cafeteria. Call-outs have to be sharp, short, loud, and have consequences to get the chatter to die down before flame-wars erupt. So it turns things like this into Policy (otherwise known as "why we can't have nice things").

Makes sense. 👍
Thread opened.
BattleTech Game Errata / Force Packs
« Last post by Xotl on Today at 00:20:51 »
This is a thread to collect errors in the Force Pack series of miniature releases.  We're only dealing with text-based errors here, not issues you have with the miniatures.

First and foremost, please specify the formal name for the pack you're reporting the error for, before getting to your issue.  Thanks!
Fan Articles / Re: ’Mech of the Week: ANH-** Annihilator
« Last post by abou on Today at 00:20:48 »
Which part of Natural Grace proved so effective, aside from the sick dance moves?
When your opponent has a tendency to never not jump behind you, it was easy to bait him for an alpha strike.

"Oh, did I move my glacially slow 'mech into a bad position? Ugh, silly me. Whatever will I do?"

Didn't see that Phoenix Hawk for the rest of the game since it was too busy cowering behind some building. 
The one time I remember us needing an UNDO for was a mis-click that resulted in an ammo explosion.  Basically, the player absently clicked something, and the next thing he was looking at was "'mech destroyed".  Everyone was like, "WTF just happened??"

Yea, ammo explosions are indeed another item where one event cascades into lots of marks that are a pain to individually remove. Worse, because it triggers so many cascading events it also highlights the un-interruptible nature of the event resolution system. It's one thing to make a mistake and have to erase some things, but another to have to go through all the motions first. At minimum it'd be useful to be able to bail out event resolution early. Appreciate you mentioning it.
But good news though!

Experimental undo for ammo explosions sneaked into a release a while back! (Apparently v5.5.0...)

If you touch the explosion flag you can select 'undo' from the dropdown to reset the sheet to before the explosion. Unfortunately this only covers one explosion, so if one triggered another only the bin with the flag attached to will be undo-able. Also, maybe not _super_ well tested to be honest... 
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by Nightlord01 on Today at 00:12:36 »
She's flying!
Off Topic / Re: What are we Reading Now: Conan the Librarian
« Last post by Nightlord01 on Today at 00:11:45 »
i know that i was asking why the author did not use drones

I think the simplest reason I can give you, is because the author was showing the soldiers journey, not a war story. This is very similar to the heroes journey myth, there are a lot of points in common, but they are distinct from each other.

The soldiers journey starts with a volunteer, they sign up and go through basic training. This will entail some hardship, usually a personal tragedy such as their partner leaving them what have you. Usually they will contemplate withdrawing but will remain.

After basic training, they will have their first battle, where their performance can be wildly variable but they will learn something and show their willingness to learn.

The story will progress, generally glossing over or skipping a lot of battles and end up with the soldier now a veteran, a leader, who mentors someone just like them. Usually unmarried due to their commitment to the military, bonus points if there's a failed marriage in there, preferably with kids to one day take up the mantle.

Eventually they end up in a command position, and will achieve victory against great odds. The story may end with them retiring or leaving to start a relationship/family, might go into politics.

That's the type of story Heinlein was telling with Starship Troopers, it's the story of Juan Rico, civilian to officer in command. It's not a war story, it's a story of a soldiers life from cradle (militarily speaking) to command. The machines of war are somewhat less relevant than the soldier caught up in it.
Biggest thing is a Mech takes 20+ damage requiring  pilot check. The player manually roles to pass the check - succeeds - and clicks the pass button but the equipment treats as a fall and deals damage accordingly.

Whoa this sounds like a bug if I follow — You're saying that, when prompted about a piloting check, user selected 'passed' and then the system treated it as a fail and resolved a fall? Apologies if I misunderstand you or apologies if I do understand and that's a bug.

Undoing a whole fall resolution does make sense as a valuable area to handle as a single undoable item regardless as it involves lots of marking in lots of places, and if players realize that a table mistake was made (or just want to nullify the fall for other reasons) it'd be nice to clear all the relevant marks in one go.
Objectives, whether they are capture points, or destruction points, can add flavor.  They key I've found is to make them the focus.  Take away destroying the enemy force as a direct path to victory, and the focus turns to the actual objectives.  That's worked for the group I run.  Even if I do run with kill points, they are very low compared to completing scenario objectives.
Come now, I wrote the Stinger, and nobody ever talks about those!

I liked that Stinger article. My favorite faction, the Taurian Concordat lives or dies by its Locusts, Stingers, and Wasps. I think the 20, 25 and 30 ton weight categories simply fall through the cracks because people focus on the heavier units so much these days.
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