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There's been some discussions about it in the fan rules forum, including at least a couple of people tried to put together something coherent from the canon fiction.

which doesn't show the rules particularly well and doesn't model space combat particularly well either.

The major issue is always going to be one of emphasis-you can make a powerful naval faction, but who are they going to fight to become skilled?  Have you noticed the dearth of Snow Raven stories?? 

there's a reason for that.

Rationally, every single existing faction in the BTU should have a heavy emphasis on Naval for the same reason that you see island nations having first rate navies in the real world (or trying to, anyway, raw materials and industrial base taken into account.)

Interstellar Nations are not like terrestrial, continental states, esp. since Battletech doesn't have something like the Stargates to allow big armies to walk from planet to planet without needing ships.

It's a core conceit of the setting that, despite this real-world issue, navies are minimized and the devs focus heavily on dropships and frantically avoid dealing with the types of systems their starship drives and interstellar empires would actually require simply to stay operating even in relative peace.

It's part of the setting's 'magic system' that Naval forces are effectively worthless and what passes for 'tactics' can be boiled down to 'Do a dramatic sacrifice play so we can get to the ground action already!'

I think it would need both, maybe the Snow Ravens and Wolves start making enough Warships to risk losing them post-IlClan but I don't see that happening.
The problem is that as long as TPTB are so limited by personnel and precedent while not invaliding designs Warships will likely remain only in the realm of fan fictions or historical pieces.

Check out the following links though for some ideas if anyone is interested
Going from something over 120 average lifespan to 56 is the kind of thing normal populations revolt over...  xp

Maybe so.  We could go over real-world examples but that would violate rule 4.  Suffice to say, it's not even an unprecedented situation-we've got a real-world example or three including one in the present day of how such systems, derived from a personality cult, actually work in practice, so the writers didn't fumble on "Warriors of Kerensky".
BattleMechs / Re: More silly ideas
« Last post by Charistoph on 16 May 2022, 22:32:21 »
The Sarath B has Talons and TSM.  It's quite nice.  I made a variant that mixes the Prime's firepower with the B's Talons, and I was did a 30 point hit on the leg of a Assault.  It surprised my opponent, even if it didn't quite penetrate the leg (though almost any other shot could afterward, hehe).
Off Topic / Re: Gun Geekery VI: The grandson of Gun Geekery
« Last post by Grognard on 16 May 2022, 22:30:56 »
I don't recall if I've ever posted this here ... but here is the best $20 I've ever spent.

Won a $750 Henry Golden Boy in .30-30 from a Veteran's Club raffle.
Lets be honest.  Iconic or not, a lot of the old artwork for BattleTech was...not good.

Hell, some mechs were downright hideous.  I'm looking at the old Ostmech.  The old one with paddle hands that didn't even match the weapon loadout.  Yet, the new art works well.

I love the new stuff from Flying Debris (Alex Inglacias) and Shimmering Sword, as well as a few others.

I finally feel like the miniatures are good, and so was the art they're based on in the first place.

BattleMechs / Workhorse Battlemechs
« Last post by Bold Raider on 16 May 2022, 22:17:10 »
Hey all.  Not only have my twin brother and I been having a hell of a time rediscovering Battletech and the new miniatures.  We have also fallen back in love with designing are own mechs.  When we were kids, we would have notepads full of designs... and here we are doing the same thing all over again. 

Halfheartedly we have been throwing around this idea of 2 brothers who survived the third succession war and somehow came to own their own company that produces their own mech designs.  Their goal is to create mechs that are cheaper (cbills) than the mainstream designs they attempt to ape.  They specifically intend sell designs that are cost effective for the small time merc unit.  There are probably units that do this exactly lol... I hope not anyway but the odds are against me.  Anyways I had a blast doing this.

I present the Seax.  The goal of the Seax was to make a Light Warhammer at half (or close to) the price.  The jump-jet version came about as a slightly cheaper ENF-4R Enforcer competitor that doesn't rely on ammunition. 

Visually I am thinking of a lighter looking warhammer with a head/cockpit similar to the Enfield.  Humanoid with both arms ending in big guns (no hands).  I am crazy enough to hire an artist...

Next up I am working on the Langseax... and I am eyeballing the idea of a 75-ton Awesome.  3 large lasers and a small laser.  4/6/0 and Max Armor.  With as many heatsinks as I can stuff into it for 3025 tech. 
Off Topic / Re: Gun Geekery VI: The grandson of Gun Geekery
« Last post by CVB on 16 May 2022, 22:15:28 »
5cm is nice for a child's birthday. At ages 54, 60 and 80 you should go for Karl and Gustav guns.  :)
Fan Fiction / A Song Remembers
« Last post by wolfgar on 16 May 2022, 22:15:07 »
This originally started as "Freedom of the Snow" But for some reason stopped work on it here and posted the rest of the story elsewhere with a rewrite. Don't know why I never brought it back here.

The Song Remembers:

A person is born, and at that point the questions start, oh sure the usual ones come from external sources. What are they like, are they a good person, what will they strive to accomplish in their lives? These however are all easy, simple questions that can be for the most part ignored because they come from outside one’s own self. The questions one asks of themselves however are harder to ignore, and more damning when you can’t answer them.

Old Connaught
Ark Royal, Lyran Alliance

James Wolfson sat in the corner booth of a bar staring at the glass of vodka in front of him and listening to the sound system play classic rock and folk music softly. Hanrahan’s was a nice “Irish” bar in a decent part of town, but the location and the alcohol didn’t matter, nor did the music or the company. The memories still were there, fighting to overwhelm him. What everyone was already calling the “Donner Bombing” wasn’t even a week old but the death toll, the death toll while not that significant in numbers was eclipsing even the burning of the Triad for significance of who had died. Maeve Wolf, the heir to the Dragoon’s old commanding officer Jaime Wolf lay dead as did General Sabine Steiner, Chief aide to the Archon of the Lyran Alliance. The last two of the four people who had held James’s leash lay dead in the blast, the other two had died long before. The first one on Outreach to betrayal, the other to an assassins’ bullet and now his soul cried out for vengeance. The only people who had ever earned his loyalty lay dead at Blakist workings, and like when the Blakists had dropped the whole universe into the cauldron of Hell when they attacked Tharkad five years before, blood was demanded. Now though, now he would be allowed to finish it, and heavens save any who got in his way.

Like now, it had started so innocently. Peter Steiner-Davion, Archon of the Lyran Alliance and the host of the Star League Council for that year’s meeting had asked for a balance to the Word of Blake presence from Wolf’s Dragoons who were in the midst of cleaning up on Outreach. It was supposed to just be a show the flag mission with no combat. Maeve had caught him on Grauss by HPG and asked him to take a ‘Mech lance of his choosing to stand in for the Dragoons. He and his people had been on their way back to Outreach because of the Commander’s death so all he and his three choices had to do was await a Leopard dropship that would be fast tracked to Tharkad for the Council meeting. “Put yourself at their disposal. Everyone is smarting from us breaking contract because of the commander’s death.” Maeve told him by HPG. “You will answer to the Archon himself and no one else though, this is a personal contract with him, even if he simply has you line your ‘Mechs up to look pretty then you do that as well. Nothing is below you on this mission, understand.” James had understood and confirmed that, so when the Leopard dropship arrived he took his three clan ‘Mechs and one of his Electronic Warfare ‘Mechs for a “command lance” and reported to Tharkad like he had been asked. The council meetings had broken up with the dissolution of the second Star League within a day of it starting. Now looking back, he could see that the start of all of his pain was with the Blakist’s response to being snubbed in that meeting.

Tharkad City,
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance
December 5, 3067

“What the hell was that?” Major James Wolfson heard on his lance’s command circuit as he turned his Timberwolf toward what turned out to be a mushroom cloud rising in the distance.

“Sweet mother of the founder!” he swore as he watched naval laser fire start falling in and around where the drop port and the Triad in the distance. “All Raiders check in.” he ordered.

“Hot and ready boss” Captain Emelia “Lawless” Lawler answered as she walked her Night Gyr around the corner of the adjoining block. “Holy hell sir, did someone just nuke the drop port?”

“Don’t think so Lawless,” Lieutenant Kevin “Radar” O’Reilly answered from his custom built Bushwacker. “I’m not picking up any, wait, there it is. Ok, someone set off a nuke at ground or sub-ground level. Sir, I’m also reading multiple hot drops and lots of orbital gunfire on surface targets.”

“Do we have any idea who has come to play?” Lieutenant Alphonse “Big Al” Harmon asked his low slung Cauldron-born taking up the fourth point of the defensive posture.

The question caused James to grunt slightly, it wasn’t that the question was unexpected, but that he didn’t know for certain. What he did know was that the enemy was landing on the minimal support his people had brought with them, so unless they could get resupply and relatively soon then the fight would be over before it really even began. “First try and get a hold of any Lyran command and see what they want from us.” James answered starting the foursome of ‘Mechs moving toward the fighting. “While we do that though we are going to go into that furrball there and try and make sure that the Archon is safe. If we can do that without engaging the enemy right away that will be perfect. I never expect perfection though so be ready to rip apart any enemy ‘Mech you see. Be careful though, double check your targets and watch your heat levels, this is going to be a lot of surprise targets and questionable identities so watch your backs and each other’s backs as well.”

“Sir, I’m facing a lot of heavy jamming. I might be able to burn through but it would take time and I wouldn’t have a lot of range with it. As of now we seem to be on line of sight communications until we can either get out of range of or take out whatever they have jamming my signals.” Kevin told them.

James sighed. “Alright movement to contact rules of engagement, we have practiced for this people, let’s get it done.” And with that James picked up the pace till the ‘Mechs were practically running down the boulevards toward the fighting.

Tharkad City,
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance
December 6, 3067
Six hours after the initial assault:

“Assault ‘Mechs are just too slow.” Archon Peter Steiner muttered to himself as he started to back his Fafnir down a dead end alley. Maybe they could get battle armor or a jump capable ‘Mech in the alley with him, but the confines wouldn’t allow either to be behind him as he put the back of his ‘Mech against the wall at the end of the alley. The buildings to either side of his ‘Mech were damaged bad enough that they wouldn’t hold up to a direct assault, but the building behind him was still intact, and it should be hardened, capable of supporting at least a medium, maybe even a heavy ‘Mech that landed on the roof of the building. He however was a bit trapped, and thus this last stand, by limiting his enemy’s angle of attack it gave him a respite from the flanking attacks the medium and light ‘Mechs of his opponent were using to wear away his armor and weaponry, and also protected his rear where his armor was weakest in general. Now that he had a chance to sit out of combat for a moment his heat had dropped to an acceptable level and continued to fall. His ammo bins were practically empty though, leaving him after the damage he had suffered only two rounds for his heavy gauss rifles, his two large pulse lasers and the last ditch medium pulse laser that was kept in the ‘Mechs head. The arms on his ‘Mech though were practically gone, the armor eaten away and the internal structure damaged to the point he expected the ‘Mech to need new arms when they got around to repairing the thing. He had also lost his command, an entire regimental combat team destroyed mostly due to orbital laser fire, though some had been lost in the nuclear blast that had consumed a large portion of the Triad or from falls into the underground when the ground gave way beneath their equipment.

“Your highness, come out and play.” And the voice, that damnable voice of the enemy commander, a Blakist Precentor named McKinnsey who seemed to enjoy tormenting Peter. It wasn’t enough that most if not all of the Royal Guards had been destroyed, no this thing, with its high pitched, whiney voice when it was trying to irritate Peter, kept up a near continuous monologue that had to be an attempt to draw Peter out into a pitched battle so that they could either kill or capture him. That voice if anything was what was going to drive the Archon insane.
“Go to hell McKinnsey,” Peter Steiner snapped over a general communications frequency.  A second later he was blasting a Blakist Ghurka that had just stepped around the corner of his alley with his three lasers. “I have a Gauss rifle round with your name on it, just show your slimy self and I’ll give it to you.” He continued as he watched one of the Ghurka’s arms fall to the ground along with probably a half ton of armor. Unfortunately it was to the ‘Mech’s left side and it was no surprise the Peter as the light ‘Mech fired its PPC into his assault ‘Mech chewing off some of the armor from his legs. Firing the large pulse lasers again Peter’s aim struck true this time eating through the light ‘Mech’s other torso and knocking it to the ground minus the arm on that side as well. “I don’t think your Ghurka pilot there wants to play any more Precentor,” Peter snarked at the suddenly silent enemy. In fact, you know what? I think I will come out to play. Front and center McKinnsey, let’s see for whom the bell tolls.” He finished striding his ‘Mech forward to the mouth of the alley hearing what sounded like the ringing of a church bell in the distance.

The sensors of the Timberwolf Battlemech “Tender Mercy” peered out through the windows of a storefront as Major James Wolfson lined the sights of his gauss rifle up on the head of a Blakist Red Shift light ‘Mech. He and his lance had crossed paths with the Twenty-Fourth RCT as the unit was making a fighting withdrawal from the city and found out that the Archon was stuck deep in the city. General Steiner, the Twenty-Fourth’s commanding officer had been willing to try for the Archon especially when she saw what James had to offer in way of skirmisher forces and during the last six hours James and his people had played pathfinder while the Twenty-Fourth had provided support, ammo and sketchy field repairs. Now they had the Archon within their grasp and here he was making a grand gesture so that he could go out with a bang leaving the entire alliance in the hands of someone else. The general on the other hand, would rather her distant cousin remain alive to help rally forces to a guerrilla campaign against the Blakists instead of trying to do it herself. It seemed that James and his Raider lance arrived just in time to make her happy.

Emelia Lawler crouched her Night Gyr on the opposite side of the Archon from her commander and sibko mate as she lined her targeting reticule up on the Uziel that flanked the Vanquisher in the center of the Blakist line.  On the far side of the Blakist assault ‘Mech was a Red Shift that was supposed to be James’s target and the team commander and sniper rarely missed his target. The four of them had been together since forever it seemed, they had gone to sibko together, trained together as a lance and deployed together. Then, when James had decided to go independent, they had pooled their money and left the Dragoons together. James like to have them fight to music, something they had caught hell for in the sibko, but it worked both as a psychological weapon and as a tool to sync to each other’s movements and firing patterns.This particular song was good for timing, a long introduction before the lyrics with the ringing of a distant bell. As the fourth bell tone sounded she started to squeeze the trigger of her alpha interlock which would fire all of her weapons at once into the Uziel that sat centered in her target reticle.

Peter Steiner sucked in a breath as he saw the number of ‘‘Mechs deployed against him. Not counting the Ghurka who was now a smoking ruin from Peter’s third volley of laser fire, the Archon counted twelve ‘‘Mechs, two Ghurkas, and a Vanquisher among them ensuring that only the most dedicated Electronic Warfare specialist could cause their computers and targeting trouble. “I’m flattered McKinnsey” Peter Steiner said to the Vanquisher that he assumed was the Blakist commander. “All this just for little old me, I hope the losses will be worth it.” A fourth bell seemed to sound in the distance, it wasn’t a frantic sounding of someone trying to warn people of the combat going on, but a measured and paced sounding that ensured calm in those that heard it. Suddenly, as the fifth ring was about to sound a lone guitar, bass by the sound of it started, “Music?” the Archon thought to himself and then swore as first the Red Shift to the Vanquisher’s left lost its head, and the Uziel to its right did a face plant as weapons fire from the storefront to that side ripped one of its legs from beneath it. He had been training the targeting reticle on the Vanquisher’s center torso, praying for a cockpit shot and the surprise from the assistance caused him to jerk the trigger on the ‘Mech control sending the heavy nickel-iron slug down range with the trio of lasers to dig into the 100ton ‘Mech’s left torso.

“Big Al” Harmon watched from his Cauldron-Born on the roof at the back of the alley that the Archon had come from as the Red Shift and the Uziel fell to the ground and the Vanquisher between them staggered back as its pilot suddenly found himself getting hit by a quarter ton of nickel-iron moving at relativistic speeds. His own gauss rifle and large lasers had hit the Vanquisher in the left knee joint just before the Archon’s shot hit it in the torso, so the assault ‘Mech was going to be even slower in its pursuit of the Fafnir. “Sire, if you will put a round or two into the wall behind you we can get out of here. General Steiner sends her regards and is about to waste this area with artillery to cover our escape.” He said into the radio as he saw the Lyran assault ‘Mech start to back down the alley and jumped clear over it to cover the Archon’s retreat.

Peter Steiner couldn’t believe his eyes or his ears, someone had managed to contact the Twenty-Fourth and then find him in this madhouse invasion. He chuckled under his breath, and they were in clan ‘Mechs, and that meant somehow a group of clanners had been caught on planet by this thing as well. No wait; there was that mercenary lance that he had talked Maeve Wolf into sending to the conference. It wasn’t a Lyran Alliance or a Star League contract, this had been a personal contract between him personally and the mercs, these people were here at his personal command, no liaison, no interference, just personal troops to use as he needed. He had to make sure though, so he asked as he turned his ‘Mech and used his last heavy gauss round and lasers to blow in the wall at the end of the alley. “Who are you?”

A new voice answered up, his HUD pointing toward the Timberwolf Heavy Omni-’Mech, “Wolfson’s Heavy Raiders, your highness, and we’re a little pressed for time. We have about twenty seconds before the first rounds start to fall and while the first volley is semi-guided, the follow on flights will not be.”

Peter’s HUD showed that the Heavy ‘Mech was making its way through the ruined storefront to one side of him as he shoved his ‘Mech’s throttle to the stops. “Understood, I’m on the move.” It was strange but in the background of the conversation he could hear the song still playing, not overpowering but seeming to sync all the warriors together, not to mention that the lyrics seemed apt to the situation of incoming artillery. Interested in the song, he turned the volume up and started to sing along.

I'm rolling thunder pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane
My lightning's flashing across the sky
You're only young but you're gonna die
I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives

“The music is definitely appropriate,” Peter thought as he exited the front of the building to find an unknown Bushwacker with a similar Raider transponder. “Sire, I’m loading a safe route for you back to the Twenty-Fourth’s lines, we’re all withdrawing now.”

“Understood,” Peter replied. “See you when we laager up.”

On the other side of the buildings James watched as the flight of laser guided artillery pounded the three Blakist ‘Mechs that had fallen initially into scrap metal. “Alright people we are leaving,” he told everyone on his team. “Fighting withdrawal ROE we have twenty seconds to clear the buildings before they go from being friendly to unfriendly targets for the cannon cockers over in the Twenty-Fourth.” With that he reversed his Timberwolf back through the storefronts and out the other side, giving a parting shot to a Blakist White Flame as he did so. Once on the other side he waited for the other two to back through the holes and join him before informing them of their next move. Watching the rolling barrage of artillery start to pound the buildings across the street from their position James gave his orders. “Lawless, you and Radar go after the Archon and stick to him like glue. Nothing pulls you from his side understand?”

“Got it boss,” he heard the younger Electronic Warfare specialist answer from the Bushwacker.

“Understood lead,” was the answer he got from Lawless and her Night Gyr.

“Al, you and I are going to stay here and make sure that they do not push through the barrage on dumb luck and balls. Five minutes separation and then we pull out. A grunt was all the response he got from the Cauldron-born’s pilot.

Tharkad City,
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance
0930 December 6, 3067

Adept (Rho) Martin Brandeis looked over the battlefield where the pair of level II’s had cornered the Archon, and then been ambushed in turn before being severely damaged by massed artillery fire as the enemy had retreated with their prize. No one knew who the ‘Mechs belonged to or had any intelligence on their pilots, and as he looked through the marks in the snow left by the machines he was able to draw some conclusions as he searched through the debris. Others were working on the battlerom footage to try and identify the unit. “Lance strength, with three of the ‘Mechs having chicken legs,” he recorded into his noteputer. “Two of them in the “heavy” weight class, one that is probably an electronic warfare ‘Mech that is a medium.” He continued. Suddenly his radio crackled demanding his attention.

“Adept Brandeis, what is your situation?” the voice of Adept (Mu) Richard Parkinson asked from the short wave infantry radio that he carried.

Keying the microphone Brandeis replied. “Looking over the scene now, evidence says three heavies and a medium in the lance; I don’t think any of them are Lyran, other than that nothing of note so far.”

“Understood,” the senior adept responded. “Return to headquarters, we’ve rebuilt the battlerom footage of the fight and are going to view it shortly. Then we’ll compile the notes and compare it to known mercenary units.”

“Understood.” Brandeis answered before taking a last look over the battlefield as he walked toward a civilian ground car. The acolytes would be here for hours yet and the staff vehicles had not been unloaded when he left the spaceport so he had commandeered a civilian vehicle to carry him around. He doubted it mattered that he had taken the car, the owner was probably dead anyway. The ground car had been sitting in the parking lot of the spaceport when the dropship he had been in had landed and between the explosion of the city’s reactor when the former LCS Invincible had fired a warning shot, and the subsequent orbital bombardment and fighting within the city, Martin was surprised the car itself was sitting where it was, unharmed. His command of technicians had been in the second wave, only landing once the combatants had moved out of the city. The acolytes were moved around in open bed trucks or armored personnel carriers much like infantry, but he was an adept, and while he had no problem moving around in the same trucks or APC’s he felt that the independence of movement that a private or staff vehicle offered was important enough to justify the taking of the vehicle.

Twenty minutes of working his way through the streets of Tharkad City brought him back to the space port and the temporary base the technicians had set up in one of the warehouses attached to the spaceport. Walking in through the main bay doors of the warehouse Martin looked at his opposite, Adept (Mu) Richard Parkinson who stood around a holo table along with several others. “Are we ready?” he asked Parkinson as he stepped up.

“No,” the other adept answered. “We’re waiting on one other to join us.”

Brandeis grumbled, he could be back looking over the battlefield gleaning more information instead of waiting for some inept jerk. “Who, are we waiting for?” he practically growled.

“Me,” a new voice answered and all the bodies in the room snapped to attention and saluted as Precentor Roman McKinnsey answered walking into the room. “I trust that is not a problem Adept.”

“No sir, Precentor.” Brandeis almost stammered. “I thought it would be one of our other intelligence adepts or technicians. Please sir, I apologize.”

McKinnsey simply waved away the apology. “I understand your impatience Adept and applaud it, we need to be out there hunting these enemies not dawdling here waiting on someone to get their files in order. So Adept Parkinson, shall we get this ball rolling?”

Parkinson nodded and as the lights dimmed the holotable cued up to an overhead rendition of the scene that Brandeis had just left, the buildings still standing and wire frame skeletons of the ‘Mechs involved in position. “Yesterday approximately six hours after the initiation of hostilities our forces managed to pin the Archon to an alleyway here in this block. Facing him was a pair of heavy level II’s. Apparently, the Archon didn’t intend to be taken alive because he initially came out shooting. What neither he nor our forces realized however was that a heavy mercenary lance had somehow managed to track him through the bedlam of the landing and move into supporting positions both behind and on both sides of his ‘Mech. This is a playback of the ensuing fight as put together by our technicians.”

Brandeis as well as the Precentor watched as one ‘Mech died right off the bat from a cockpit shot, even as two others went down due to leg and torso hits. Suddenly a second, third and fourth ‘Mech joined the fray, two from inside buildings to either side of the alleyway, and the third suddenly appearing in front of the Archon’s ‘Mech.

The three new ‘Mechs were all clearly identified by type as clan machines, and all three were heavies. The second volley showed the three ‘Mechs spreading their fire amongst the rest of both level II’s as the Archon’s mech blasted its way through the wall behind it and escaped.

“You said a heavy lance Adept,” the Precentor remarked. “I only count three ‘Mechs.”

At that point Brandeis spoke up even as the replay stopped. “The fourth one was further back, probably some kind of electronic warfare ‘Mech.” He said, “I was just at the scene and found tracks from a fourth, medium weight ‘Mech on the other side of the street from the buildings the other three came through to rescue the Archon.”

“And that goes with the other part of the battlerom built intelligence,” Parkinson added. “For the entirety of the battle music was playing in the background over an unencrypted communication frequency. None of our electronic warfare ‘Mechs could isolate its location however.”

The Precentor grunted, “Very well, continue.” With that the replay of the battle continued as after a third and fourth volley from the enemy ‘Mechs, they retreated into the buildings they had appeared from using them as cover even as the first rounds of artillery fire arrived. “By the time the enemy ‘Mechs fell back they had caused damage to most of the machines they had been facing, mostly leg or actuator damage though some had been outright kills.” Parkinson said as the four ‘Mechs faded from the screen. “Artillery fire landed first amongst our heaviest units causing three more dead units and causing the rest to scatter as even more heavy fire inundated the entire block leveling it to the ground. We have one image of what could be a unit emblem to work with on finding out who they are, but currently we know they operate mostly, if not solely clan units and are very well disciplined.” An instant later the street scene dissolved and a single image of a right facing armored horse head over two crossed scimitars appeared and McKinnsey sucked his teeth. “I take it you know the unit sir?” Parkinson asked as everyone stared at the Precentor.

“Yes,” he said through gritted teeth, “and when you find them, kill them, kill them all.” With that the Precentor turned and stalked out of the warehouse in an apparent rage.

“I wonder what they did to him.” Brandeis thought.
Aerospace / Re: Build a Jolly Roger WarShip.
« Last post by pokefan548 on 16 May 2022, 22:11:44 »
Alright, here's mine:

Jolly Roger-class WarShip
A moderately fast WarShip, the Jolly Roger can carry three DropShips and support them in-system. Its array of foreward- and broadside-facing weapons allow it to quickly smash light blockades, and its slightly above-average speed allows it to outrun many slower designs. Several LRM bays dot the hull, able to deter enemy fighter and small craft, with capital laser bays pulling double-duty between harassing enemy large craft, and switching to anti-fighter targeting to provide relatively inaccurate but devastatingly lethal defensive fire. Once it has secured the local space over a planet, the aft-mounted weapons are designed for orbital bombardment. The aft Heavy Naval PPC provides support fire to ground forces with a lightning-fast response time, while the Barracuda bay provides accurate fire against static, slow-moving, or unsuspecting targets. These same weapons have been known to be turned against pursuers when Jolly Rogers have had to flee enemy interdiction forces. For onboard transport, the Jolly Roger can carry a wing of aerospace fighters, primarily consisting of Tomcat-family fighters. Two small craft bays allow the Jolly Roger to carry shuttles or additional attack craft. Finally, the ship is defended against boarding actions and potential internal disputes by thee squads of marines.

Code: [Select]
Jolly Roger
Mass: 275,000 tons
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Introduced: 2700
Mass: 275,000
Battle Value: 72,073
Tech Rating/Availability: E/E-X-E-F
Cost: 7,366,519,000 C-bills

Fuel: 2,000 tons (5,000)
Safe Thrust: 3
Maximum Thrust: 5
Sail Integrity: 4
KF Drive Integrity: 7
Heat Sinks: 1,665
Structural Integrity: 35

    Nose: 20
    Fore Sides: 15/15
    Aft Sides: 15/15
    Aft: 14

    Bay 1:  Fighter (18)            3 Doors   
    Bay 2:  Small Craft (2)         1 Door   
    Bay 3:  Cargo (15439.0 tons)    1 Door   

    120 rounds of NAC/40 ammunition (144 tons),
    120 rounds of Killer Whale ammunition (6,000 tons),
    150 rounds of Barracuda ammunition (4,500 tons),
    576 rounds of LRM 20 Artemis-capable ammunition (96 tons)

Dropship Capacity: 3
Grav Decks: 1 (115 m)
Escape Pods: 15
Life Boats: 15
Crew:  23 officers, 77 enlisted/non-rated, 38 gunners, 46 bay personnel, 21 marines     

Notes: Mounts 175 tons of standard aerospace armor.

Weapons:                                       Capital Attack Values (Standard)
Arc (Heat)                                 Heat  SRV     MRV     LRV      ERV    Class       

Nose (614 Heat)
2 Naval PPC (Heavy)                        450  30(300) 30(300) 30(300) 30(300)  Capital PPC
2 Naval Laser 45                           140  9(90)   9(90)   9(90)    9(90)   Capital Laser
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)

FRS/FLS (224 Heat)
3 Capital Missile Launcher (Killer Whale)  60   12(120) 12(120) 12(120) 12(120)  Capital Missile
    Killer Whale Ammo (60 shots)
2 Naval Laser 45                           140  9(90)   9(90)   9(90)    9(90)   Capital Laser
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)

RBS/LBS (470 Heat)
1 Naval Autocannon (NAC/30)                235  70(700) 70(700) 30(300)   0(0)   Capital AC 
    1 Naval Autocannon (NAC/40)
    NAC/40 Ammo (30 shots)
1 Naval Autocannon (NAC/30)                235  70(700) 70(700) 30(300)   0(0)   Capital AC 
    1 Naval Autocannon (NAC/40)
    NAC/40 Ammo (30 shots)

ARS/ALS (164 Heat)
2 Naval Laser 45                           140  9(90)   9(90)   9(90)    9(90)   Capital Laser
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)

Aft (439 Heat)
1 Naval PPC (Heavy)                        225  15(150) 15(150) 15(150) 15(150)  Capital PPC
5 Capital Missile Launcher (Barracuda)     50   10(100) 10(100) 10(100) 10(100)  Capital Missile
    Barracuda Ammo (150 shots)
2 Naval Laser 45                           140  9(90)   9(90)   9(90)    9(90)   Capital Laser
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)
2 LRM 20+Artemis IV                        12   3(32)   3(32)   3(32)     0(0)   LRM         
    LRM 20 Artemis-capable Ammo (48 shots)
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