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Author Topic: Dossiers and the Vehicle Trait  (Read 682 times)


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Dossiers and the Vehicle Trait
« on: 20 October 2012, 12:45:08 »
I've noticed that none of the characters in the Dossiers have the Vehicle Trait, despite them all having Battlemechs.

1. They're not starting characters so they don't need to spend points to "begin play with an assigned Vehicle" (to quote the Trait description)?
2. They're NPCs, so they have whatever the GM wants to give them and the character sheets only show integral Traits (none of them have Wealth or Equipped either)?
3. Some other rule that I've overlooked?


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Re: Dossiers and the Vehicle Trait
« Reply #1 on: 20 October 2012, 17:07:54 »
I suspect it is mostly a case of option 2 here.  As NPCs it is largely unneccessary to have them have every trait a PC has because as noted it gives the GM the freedom to assign what is needed for their plot ormakes for the most interesting encounter without being hamstrung.