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Author Topic: Ex-Clan tankers (Epona crew)  (Read 775 times)


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Ex-Clan tankers (Epona crew)
« on: 12 September 2013, 02:46:20 »
Hey gang, How would I go about using AToW to make at least the tanker CO. All idea's welcome.

Thanks, D69
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Re: Ex-Clan tankers (Epona crew)
« Reply #1 on: 12 September 2013, 15:41:59 »
Some word first, most people in our group and myself build PCs and NPCs still with MW3 and converting them than into AToW. So this one here isn't that much detailed. I normaly building PC/NPCs still with MW3 Paths but using and mod of the Planned Character Style without rolling Events but with choosing one to two events normaly (which fits best to the PC/NPCs ways). Sometimes it also can end up in three Events or with an lightly modified Events (if they don't fit the PC/NPCs way/Background). Skills and Traits are direct written down into AToW format but first finalized for MW3 and than converted to final AToW values. Sounds like lot of work, but all of our Players love the way of PC/NPC building with having an good In-Universe Background with it at Hand, instead of straight Points buying. Ist also more for those people wanne playing there PC/NPCs for some time and not just a few games.

Trueborn : Warrior Caste, starting as MW or Aeropilot. Than second tested into Cavalry Sub Caste or washed out into Labor or Technician Caste. If washed out into Civilan Caste, take one or two rounds and with that, for have him/her later drawn into Cavalry Sub Caste training (this also is an good Point for the PC/NPCs Background e.g. plant or so was raided and some solahma commander formed an ad hog unit from anybody who can drive an vehicle and so on...). Than take some tours or just begin with an fresh green PC/NPC.

Freeborn : Civilian Caste starting as Technician or Labor (both good for DEX/RFL and/or Driving/Any and some Technician/Any). So went the Civilan Caste till the Point shown in the Trueborn plot (plant or farm been raided) or he/she is tested out so good in that Age that he/she went directly into Freeborn Training for Cavalry Sub Caste. And again, from here on or after one or two Tours in Service, the PC/NPC Comes to life.

If you wanne go the straight Point way, just buy the Clan Fields and Traits. For both ways and for an vehicle "commander" have an look toward moderate DEX/RFL values but more higher INT/WIL and, depending how you wanne your commander, the CHA value. For the crew, both ways work good (Points or Paths/Fields and Trueborn/Freeborn), too. But on crew specially if you wanne an dedicated one, enforce a bit RFL/DEX values for gunnery/Drivers and maybe think about buying them some specialization like Marksman or Sharpshooter.

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