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Author Topic: Have a growing CBT/MW3 RPG game in the works, looking for a possible Co-GM  (Read 749 times)


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Hey, everyone.

I'm putting together a January 3052 start date FedCom campaign using the CBT/Mechwarrior 3rd ruleset, I currently have 10 players, and due to casual invitations stand to gain at least two or so more players before I actually begin campaign.

Currently all of my players are US time-zone players so sessions will likely be in the evenings US time and we'll be splitting the game into two sessions a week. One session for dismounted ops and/or noncombat RP via , and one session for mounted combat via MegaMek. 

The campaign's general major story arc is going to be centered around covert and standard operations that lead the player group to uncover possible "evidence" of a plot to assassinate Hanse Davion via a nearly untraceable poison that can cause his "suspicious" sudden death via cardiac arrest that we're very familiar with later on in June-July 3052.  This is a plausible plotline because there are many poisons that can cause cardiac arrest and remain untraceable without an extensive autopsy directly suspecting foul play.

So this leads me to coming to the best source for people who know any form of the Battletech RPG and tabletop at least as well as I do, if not better than I do, to ask for any possible applications for one to two co-GMs to aid in this campaign. 
As a co-GM you will also be more than welcome to have a physical representative NPC of yourself in the campaign of any rank from (using LCAF/LAAF rankings as an example) Kommandant to Leutnant-General (so you get to do a bit of in-character roleplay as the player group's command staff in addition to helping with the other NPC cast). Our highest ranking players are capped at, again, using LCAF/AFFS (AFFC) ranks, Hauptmann, with many populating as Leutnants and Sergeants.

If anyone is interested, I am obsidianwolf87 via Skype and Steam, I also reside on the MechWarrior Online House Steiner Hub Teamspeak server in command of the 3rd Donegal Guards RCT, our teamspeak server is, my teamspeak and MechWarrior Online handle are Nikos Markus Steiner.

Skype and Steam are the best, and way fastest, ways to get a hold of me, but I will likely set up a channel on our teamspeak specifically for the roleplay campaign if we have enough demand for it.