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Author Topic: Idea for a RPG: hunting minefield and cluster bomb makers/users  (Read 1565 times)


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I just heard on CBS that the US will stop using cluster bombs and minefields soon.  Most nations don't use these weapons and so I decided to create a RPG in which the player characters are hired by ComStar to locate and defeat 31st Century makers and users of these weapons.  Does anyone have any ideas on what forces I should use for the makers and users of these weapons?  I was thinking 3050- units.


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Re: Idea for a RPG: hunting minefield and cluster bomb makers/users
« Reply #1 on: 14 February 2011, 23:27:22 »
ironically, the 3050 era was when cluster muntiions and FASCAM rounds were makign a comeback in-universe.  Also, stopping such makers is kind of 80 degree out from Comstar philosophy prior to the Reformation.

To out it antoher way, you're trying to inject the cultural mores of today itno a game that's centered around the mores of the 1980's, the results is a pretty jarring juxtaposition.  That's nto to say don't use it, just be ware that it iexists and that you'll need to plan accordingly.  If done right that juxtaposition can really amp up the experience. 

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