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Author Topic: 'Slimmed down' Battletech Campaign RPG Rules?  (Read 1334 times)


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'Slimmed down' Battletech Campaign RPG Rules?
« on: 28 February 2012, 09:29:36 »
This is mostly a brainstorming session, trying to get ideas from the community.

I'd like to try to use the RPG rules to form the basis of a Battletech campaign's pilot generation. Something a bit more complex then Battletech's 'Gunnery/Piloting', but not as fully complex as to create a fully fleshed out character ala the RPG. The idea is to create something akin to what you'd see in a Tactical console RPG. Now, I figure slimming things back to JUST the skills/abilities that are applicable to Mechwarrior combat are a good start, but this is going to lead to to many point given out. 

What do you think is a good starting point for number of points for generation would be? Any other ideas/suggestions for this?


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Re: 'Slimmed down' Battletech Campaign RPG Rules?
« Reply #1 on: 28 February 2012, 09:56:02 »

I think if I were doing it I'd approach it from the opposite end:

  • Build a list of skills that an "average" character has (P5, G4, etc.).
  • Work out how many points that list will cost in whatever system you come up with.
  • Add on a little bit, to account for player characters being a bit special, and give that many points to each player.

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Re: 'Slimmed down' Battletech Campaign RPG Rules?
« Reply #2 on: 28 February 2012, 21:55:02 »
  Look at what rules you intend to use on the battlefield and allow players to use skills, such as Tactics, Sensor Operation, Perception, etc.
  You may also look at the various Special Pilot Abilities (ToW, p219) as well as the Design Quirks (SO, p193) to add flavor to the game.

  Figure out on the scope of your gameplay and apply those rules, abilities and modifications that will add to the campaign.


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Re: 'Slimmed down' Battletech Campaign RPG Rules?
« Reply #3 on: 03 March 2012, 10:22:56 »
if you can find it, the first edition of Mechwarrior was pretty slimmed was just enough to slightly flesh out your 4/4 pilot a little