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Author Topic: Marik Lifepaths, does anybody have them?  (Read 1010 times)


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Marik Lifepaths, does anybody have them?
« on: 04 June 2012, 11:08:24 »
Hello, I hope somebody can help.

The first Field Manuals for the Draconis Combine and the Free World League were released with rules for Mechwarrior rpg 2nd ed, later Field Manuals included the lifepaths for 3rd ed.

Nadine Brzenski as a fan service posted in the net the PDF files with the Lifepaths in the old CBT forum years ago. I saved them but lost them somewhere along the line between changes of computers.  :-\ I am playing a new campaign and would love to have the FWL lifepath, since the random event roll is a great way of creating different characters. The bad results for the purposes of my campaign are even more interesting and amusing than the beneficial results.

So, asking nicely, does anybody have those tables available ? Thanks for any help.