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Author Topic: New character sheet  (Read 1193 times)


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New character sheet
« on: 23 April 2012, 15:19:07 »
Being a RPG player for a long time now i was a bit taken aback by the emptiness of the character sheet of this new RPG iteration in one my favourite game universes.
So i decided to make one myself with openoffice, convert it to a pdf file and share it with the battletech community. I only found this site to be active so here i am. If there are other places to post it, feel free to do it or just let me know.
I cleared the file from copyrighted pictures, if some of you want the original openoffice file you can email me.

Just a few words on the content:
Page 1:
Obviously, it's meant to be used with the hit location optional rule. And i simplified the movement malus to percentages in lieu of the "-1/2 m"

Page 2:
For the subskills, i only wrote them when it was less than three,, otherwise i wrote three blank subskills.

Page 3:
On the right of the equipment title you can write down the tech/availabity/legality.

Page 4:
This is the vehicle page, so the big empty space is where you either glue your record sheet, or where you insert your pdf record sheet before printing (yes, you have to rescale a bit). On ID you can put your character face (or yours  ;)), the symbol of your unit on ... unit  :).
For the TO&E, the names are generic. If in a mech regiment platoon will stand for lance.

So, be aware that i just finished it and it's a first version. Enjoy and spread the sheet (you see what i did?).
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