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Author Topic: Coreward '45  (Read 817 times)

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Coreward '45
« on: 02 April 2018, 10:16:58 »
Don't have the proper name for the Campaign (calling it Coreward '45 since we are on the Coreward Edge of the FC and the year is 3045), but playing a MW2, we are Mercs, our old unit that can trace itself back to the SLDF disbanded spawning a number of child units from the Stakeholders splinting up the old units assets. the PC's are three MW's and a Scout. we have an NPC MW an NPC Areo Lance, NPC Scout, 3 NPC Mech Techs, a pair of NPC Areo Techs and a NPC Leopard crew.

our Roaster is
ENF-4R (Mod) Vet Pilot (drop Sml Laser for CASE)
HTC-S7 Reg Pilot (this isn't your Daddys Hatchetman)
WTH-1 (Mod) Reg Pilot
FS9-H Reg Pilot
2X S27 Saber Reg Pilots
Leopard Dropship
Darter Scout Car

we spent a fair slice of out starting funds on ammo (one full reload each) some spare CASE and extra TSM for the Hatchetman and some Tech tools & Repair supplies after we landed our first non MBC contract, Transport was included and the signing bonus paid Wages & Upkeep through the end of our first month on Station we can see out one perhaps two months if the stakeholders go on no pay and we bottom out our overhead. why is this important? wile we where in transit the Pirates we where meant to be protecting against showed up dragged the Clients in to their forecourt of their corporate HQ and Shot them, the Clients Creditors have picked over the Assets including the Escrow holding our Reparation Bond. we owe nothing (Yet) and Contracts are light on the ground, a pair of MBC certified zero risk contracts from the Militia but the pay is so low we will be forced to disband after we finish either. a  zero risk non-MBC Citified contract that we will brake even on (or lose a little bit of cash on) or if we warehouse most of our Assets actually make a bit of cash on and a bit more if we charter out our Dropship for the duration.

Only other Contract on offer is for a Company sized force that has their own Jumpship or the cash reserves to charter one and make back the cost out of the generous Salvage on offer.

Drop Bear

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Re: Coreward '45
« Reply #1 on: 05 April 2018, 04:25:05 »
Bit of a debate on who should be CO, the Academy trained Veteran Lance Commander, or the University educated Battalion Staff Officer. Both are O2's (1st Leftenents) with roughly the same time in service and time in rank.