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Author Topic: Question about the Zweihander SPA  (Read 931 times)


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Question about the Zweihander SPA
« on: 17 December 2012, 09:47:16 »
AToW Companion mentions the Zweihänder special piloting ability, which is worded as follows:
Code: [Select]
The Zweihander Ability grants the MechWarrior the ability
to punch or use any one-handed physical attack weapons
with both of his BattleMech’s arms, as long as the warrior’s
’Mech is equipped with hand actuators on both arms. A
two-handed attack can only be delivered to targets in the
Zweihander’s front arc, and applies all to-hit modifiers for any
damage to actuators in both arms, in addition to the normal
combat modifiers for movement and terrain. If this attack
succeeds, it delivers additional damage equal to 1 point per
10 full tons of the attacker’s weight (2 if the attacker’s ’Mech is
actively using Triple-Strength Myomer), but the attacker must
then make an immediate critical hit check against his own
unit, on the arm where the attacking weapon is mounted (or
on both arms, if the Zweihander attack is delivered unarmed).
Any critical effects that occur will apply in the End Phase of the
current turn, and will not affect the damage delivered by the
Zweihander attack itself.
Here's my question: Does this apply to mechs with claws? Do the Claws count as fists for the sake of this, meaning that a Cudgel can use this ability, or you can use a two-handed punch with two claws? If so, a 100-ton mech with TSM and a pair of claws with this SPA can do 80 points of damage to a single location...
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