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Title: Standard Issue Equipment?
Post by: StuartYee on 11 April 2014, 12:52:19
Is there a reference for standard issue equipment? For example, where would be a good place to find what the standard Federated Suns Infantry solider is equipped with in terms of armor and weaponry?
Title: Re: Standard Issue Equipment?
Post by: RMDC on 11 April 2014, 15:31:07
The ATOW book has a list of standar armor kits by faction on pages 292-294.
Title: Re: Standard Issue Equipment?
Post by: StuartYee on 11 April 2014, 17:51:52
The ATOW book has a list of standar armor kits by faction on pages 292-294.

I saw that for the armor, what about weapons and equipment?
Title: Re: Standard Issue Equipment?
Post by: Maelwys on 11 April 2014, 18:05:37
There isn't anything that's relatively modern that provides such information. Its a bit too detailed for CGL to get into I think.

Obviously you can look at TRO3085 and the Conventional infantry units to get an idea of what weapons a faction might use, but detailed things like "FedSuns infantry all use load bearing backpacks instead of vests, carry a knife and sidearm, X number of clips, and a survival pack" hasn't been published.

However, I think there have been a few people over the years that have tried to codify it themselves, so they might pop in at some point. And I think the original Battletroops and Clantroops might have had a detailed look at what a squad might carry.
Title: Re: Standard Issue Equipment?
Post by: Nebfer on 25 April 2014, 02:04:29
As been said theirs little recent info (or in general for that matter) on what infantry commonly run around with.

Here's what you can use that's available in the RPG equipment section

Primary Weapon
Optional Secondary weapon (pistol), largely use with Weapon Gunners, Squad & Platoon NCOs, and most officers,
Optional Bayonet
1+ Frag Grenades
Optional Smoke Grenades (more likely to be found on say squad leaders or other select troopers)
Primary ammo Mags, at lest 2 spare (mag in weapon and 2 spare that is)
Secondary Weapon Mags, 2-3 spare mags

A Load baring pack (.1kg)
Combat uniform, with at lest 1 spare (though I doubt that a full body suit is .5kg)
Standard issued House body armor, if you do not have access to such (I.e. merc or militia) I would tailor to fit your needs but for general combat...
An ablative/flak Jacket (or if weight is not as much of an issue the Ballistic plate vest)
ablative/flak Helmet or the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) if cost is not an issue
Heavy Combat Gloves
and Combat boots

If your worried about Gas, a Respirator or Filter mask is what you need
House armor kits and the ACH seem to have polarized goggles so if your not using any of thoughs you might pick up some polarized goggles to help protect from flash weapons (I.e. flash bang grenades)

Most house armor kits and the ACH have a built in radio, if you don't have one a Military communicator is needed, though Squad & Platoon leaders should probably upgrade to a Field communicator (Company and higher a "long rang com kit" -I.e. Man pack)

An optional squad level Video camera
Compads for most soldiers, Noteputers and or Telscan for Squad leaders and higher levels
Most House kits have some sort of night vision optic, if they don't, well a Nightvision goggle would be nice to have, though Rangfinder binoculars also work, alternatively an IR scanner...

Well with all the fancy gear your gonna need battery's, I'd recommend at lest 2 per device (micro or standard power packs),  with a Solar recharger, though a Heavy Duty recharger could be useful (probably a good idea to mix the two in a squad).

A Basic field kit (I.e. basic camping gear)
Squad leaders should have a electronic compass (or a regular one if your cheap)
And field rations (at lest a days worth)

Theirs more could be useful, but their not in the RPG...
...I.e. Entrenching spade & rope