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Author Topic: The future of "A Time of War"  (Read 25684 times)


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Re: The future of "A Time of War"
« Reply #360 on: 24 April 2022, 07:03:39 »
I've played Amber, and even less structured games over the years.  Personally, I need a little more outlining how I should expect things to work in the game's world.  The game I cannot name sets up expectations that are 180 out from how BattleTech works.  The tweaks I'm making to AToW are trying to bring it closer to what we see at the other scales of BattleTech, and I daresay Victor Shaw's efforts with MW2e are at least going in a similar direction.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to the oldest argument: should BattleTech's RPG be an RPG first, or part of BattleTech first.  I'm firmly in the latter camp.