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Author Topic: Training Skill Check: how many times can you make this check?  (Read 1143 times)


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How many times can you make a Training Skill Check? For example, using the suggested Training Skill Check time of 1 week for a Basic Skill, if you spent 2 weeks training with a teacher, can the teacher make 2 Training Skill Checks during that time?

If there's no limit to how many Training Skill Checks that a teacher can make, then is it possible to receive training enough times such that you can acquire the next level of a skill without spending any XP? For example, let's say that you are being taught the Acrobatics/Free-Fall skill. You currently are untrained, and have 0 XP spent on the skill. It costs you 20 XP to reach level 0 in Acrobatics. Since each Training Skill Check reduces the XP that you need by the MoS of the Check, if the teacher rolled enough times over the course of several weeks to get a total of 20 MoS which thereby reduces the XP needed by 20 (bringing it down to 0), would you then gain Acrobatics/Free-Fall level 0?