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Author Topic: weapons for mercenary infiltrators: Needlers or suppressed SMGs?  (Read 1064 times)


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I'm running a ATow campaign and as a part of the mercenary group my players are running there are two 7 man infiltrator teams. The teams are organized as follows:

"Close group"
1x Sergeant w/ Quiet weapon
3x Tropper w/ Quiet weapon

"far group"
1x Corporal w/ Designated Marksman Rifle
1x Trooper w/ Light machine gun
1x Loader with autorifle

The "close group" will be using quiet weapons, so I'm asking for help whether they should use needlers or SMGs with supressiors. The troopers are former C* loyalist ROM operators who went into the mercenary business after the debacle of Case White. Also I'd like some advice on what weapons to use as the DMR.
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Silenced SMGs will likely serve you better as Needlers lose potency very quickly against anything wearing even minimal armor.

For the DMR you could go for one of the Mauser's.  Good range, already silenced, and it's a frikkin laser so a quick adjustment should make it nearly invisible to the human eye.