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Author Topic: Life Support for K9 Infantry, Beast Mounted Infantry, and livestock  (Read 1227 times)


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Sorry for posting the question here. I'm not sure which Rule Book this would go under. Maybe Strategic Ops but Campaign Ops also mentions life support.

TM: page 239 (Transport Bays and Compartments.)
AToW: Companion pages 133-135. (Beast Mounted and K9 Infantry)
TO: Advanced Units pages 106-108 (Beast Mounted Infantry)
SO: page 143 (Life Support on ships)
CO page 222 (Life Support on ships)

SO page 143
On spacecraft, 1 ton of food and water covers the needs of 200 people for 1 day if they are assigned to quarters. Bay personnel (including infantry bay personnel) who do not receive separate quarters have simpler life support and facilities, and thus use 1 ton of consumables (food, water, air, and so on) per 20 people for 1 day. Personnel transported in cargo bays use 1 ton of consumables per 5 people per day.

1) May I presume the duration of life support is the same for all units not just spacecraft? Life support just isn't required unless operating in a hostile environment?

2) What is the duration of life support for K9 Infantry, Beast Mounted Infantry and Animals in general? X tons per day per Y number of Z animal size class?  I know they can be transported but it'd be nice if they got to their destination alive.

2b) For aquatic animals, how much water needs to be carried in addition to life support?

Thanks :)