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Author Topic: (Answered) No Torso Twist BMM/Campaign Ops Mismatch  (Read 965 times)


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(Answered) No Torso Twist BMM/Campaign Ops Mismatch
« on: 08 July 2022, 17:58:53 »
With the most recent printing of the BMM removing the No Torso Twist design quirk, I noticed that no such errata exists to remove it from Campaign Operations.

Do the changes to the BMM quirk list also apply to Campaign Operations quirks, and more specifically, is No Torso Twist removed from Campaign Operations?

(I assume yes, and that that it was simply an oversight, but figured I should get a definitive answer before submitting an errata report)
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Re: No Torso Twist BMM/Campaign Ops Mismatch
« Reply #1 on: 10 July 2022, 21:07:37 »
It should be removed from all quirks lists

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