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Author Topic: Battleforce To-Hit With Different Move/Jump Numbers  (Read 1581 times)


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Battleforce To-Hit With Different Move/Jump Numbers
« on: 23 October 2011, 17:04:40 »
Wanted to try some Battleforce, so I'm using the QSR .pdf (don't have SO) and using the units and scenarios in it to play both sides so I can learn the rules a bit.
Didn't see anything about either of these in the SO errata .pdf or forum thread.

One of the elements, the Myst Lynx E, has different movement/jump stats, 7/4j, in this case.
When calculating to-hit numbers, you use the element's movement as a modifier, but which numbers do you use?
Obviously, for some combinations, it would work out to be the same; for example 6/5j, or 3/4j, but the Myst Lnyx doesn't work this way.
Using the 7, it would be +3, but using the 4j, it would be +2 (4=+1, jump=+1); or is it figured with 7 and jump, making it +4?

Doesn't really seem fair to do 7 and jump since it can only jump 4.
If it is either the 7 or the 4j, who decides which movement is used?  Seems most rules are that the target chooses (e.g. LOS splits 2 hexes on the line, target decides which hex is used for LOS, but it then applies to their attacks as well).

Also, more of a niggle I guess, but the example on page 7 of the QSR says that the attacker:
cannot see the Unit in Hex E as there are two light woods intervening. It can’t see the Unit in Hex B as there is a heavy woods intervening
as if it is like standard BT where a single woods hex doesn't block LOS but certain combinations do (i.e. 3L, 2H, 1L+1H), but the movement rules on page 6 say:
Light And Heavy Woods: Any woods hex, regardless of type, blocks LOS.
Perhaps the wording could be changed to not mention specific numbers of wooded hexes, just that a (or, at least 1) wooded hex intervenes.
As with other QSR and regular rule books, I assume that this example is used in SO as well, but not having SO, I can't tell, so I don't really know if this should be posted in the errata thread, or if it's really even errata.

I do think my question about calculating to-hit numbers for elements with different move/jump numbers should be clarified in the QSR, and/or given a proper errata entry if it isn't clarified in SO.


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Re: Battleforce To-Hit With Different Move/Jump Numbers
« Reply #1 on: 29 October 2011, 11:41:41 »
The movement modifier is the highest possible available.
If a unit can move 6 or jump 6, then you use jump 6 because it is higher.
If a unit can move 7 or jump 2, then you use the move 7 because it is higher. (The jump does not modify the 7.  You just figure out the modifiers for each movement mode and use the higher available).
The rules just say "target's available movement" but since move 7 is available even if the unit has jump 2, the target is always assumed to be using it's best available.  And since BF and QS do not keep track of movement mode used, how the unit moved has no affect on it's target movement modifier.  Example, unit has move 10 and jump 3.  It moves across a hex that is a 10 hex drop (a 1 hex wide canyon).  Clearly it used jump jets to cross the chasm.  It still getts the move 10 as it's target movement modifier, since that's higher than the jump 3.

SO p226 says "all intervening terrain features block LOS".  So the to hit modifiers for woods are only used if the target is in the woods.  If there are any woods of any kind between the attacker and target, LOS is blocked entirely.  (Since BF hexes are three times BT hex scale, any one hex of BF woods is effectively three hexes of woods?  I think that's why.)
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