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Author Topic: InterstellarOps ISaW without the ACS  (Read 237 times)

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InterstellarOps ISaW without the ACS
« on: 09 August 2022, 18:49:27 »
I am a player of the old Fan Council games using the Combat Operation ISaW, and still remember its problems. The new system in the Interstellar Operations book seems to deal with some of those problems, but creates a new one, ACS.

Maybe for more expeerimented players its easy, but for our group it was bothersome, clunky, had to go back and forth with the BF rules, and luckly, we found the pre-generated Combat Command units in the Campaign Operations book.

My question is, have anyone modified the new ISaW game not to use ACS, and use something more similar to the old combar system?
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