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Author Topic: ISaW for Clans  (Read 2599 times)

GoGo Yubari

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ISaW for Clans
« on: 06 June 2021, 16:33:44 »
I was just thinking about a high level Clan based game and was wondering if the ISaW rules were developed in that direction in a) any published products or b) in fan-based creations? I did a quick look around the 'Net/forums and in my books, but couldn't find anything so just asking in case I might be missing something.

Obviously, the Clans bring in their own concerns which probably need some re-thinking, but in some ways running a game based on the Clan worlds might actually be also easier as the scale is a lot more manageable and the action possibly more focused. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated!

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Alexander Knight

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Re: ISaW for Clans
« Reply #1 on: 06 June 2021, 18:55:29 »
Clan Stars are presented in SBF format in the Tukayyid Supplemental.  These would be the building blocks to make Clan ACS formations.


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Re: ISaW for Clans
« Reply #2 on: 09 June 2021, 03:21:22 »
Hi Go Go Yubari,

I have built an ISaW Dark Age Scenario which has the Raven Alliance as a possible faction.

I am not sure if this would be of use but I came up with a Faction specific Unit Cost Table for them - I've attached it as a spreadsheet.

Its totally my own thoughts - but I based it on ISaW tables and the older Inner Sphere in Flames rules - and did plenty of my own calculations.


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Re: ISaW for Clans
« Reply #3 on: 06 January 2022, 01:11:26 »
Here are some homebrew rules you could try:
Players: 2+

I recommend Clan Space in 3025.
Very little fiction, no major events, nearly no new tech until over a decade later(Artic Cheetah in 2037).
You can elect to keep the rest of the Deep Periphery out of it to keeps things simple, but have the Dark Caste as the Pirate Faction of the campaign.

Resource Points and world control
1) Calculate each World's base RP according to the standard ISaW rules
National Capitol = Strana Mechty
Regional Capitol = 40 per Clan that calls the planet home
Hyper Industrial = Strana Mechty
2) Multiple that value by 1.5(or 2 for the Pentagon Worlds and Strana Mechty)
4) Contested Worlds continue to produce RP
5) Ignore pacification rules if planet was previously controlled by one or more Clans for a century or more
6) One each world, the RP is divided based on the percentage of a control a Clan has from that planet
6a) 20% of Strana Mechty's RP goes to the Clan whose Khan has been elected Ilkhan, If no Ilkhan has been elected, then no one gets the RP and it simply is not generated.

Campaign Objectives
1) If you play a Crusader Clan, your objective is to get the Grand Council to vote for Invasion before 3048
2) If you play a Warden, your goal is to prevent a successful Invasion Vote before 3048

Grand Council
1) Every 3 turns, each Clan votes on whether to call the Grand Council. If three or more Clans vote "Aye" then the Grand Council meets the following turn.
2) In addition to serving as Supreme Court for all disputes between two or more Clans, the Grand Council may also vote on:
- Trial of Absorption(Requires 2/3 majority)
- Ilkhan Election(2/3 majority)
- Elect Ilkan(simple majority)
- Invasion(2/3 majority. Must elect an Ilkhan first. Cannot be called unless Total Prestige of all Clans combined is x or greater)
- Trial of Annihilation(Unanimous Vote of all other Clans. Must elect an Ilkan first.)
1) Each Clan earns Prestige each turn. Prestige is awarded at the end of the turn for every Diplomatic and Combat Victory, and lost with every Diplomatic and Combat Failure.
2) Prestige may be spent each turn to influence another Clan or gain some advantage against an enemy Clan(spend Prestige to get intel from your Clan's Watch).
3) Prestige may also be spent to change your Clan's political alignment. This may only be done in a turn where the Grand Council is in Session. You may only change your alignment by one tier(You Cannot go from Ultra Warden to Ultra Crusader for example).
4) You can use prestige to determine turn order with lowest prestige Clan going first.
5) Each Clan's initial Prestige allotment is determined by their faction attributes. A negative attribute earns +1D6 Prestige and a positive one costs -1D6 Prestige. A Clan may have up to five attributes but must take at least one, No Clan can more than 100 Prestige by the end of a turn.
Note: Here is where you would develop a Prestige Table for awards and deductions. You can even spend it like edge to do a reroll or a roll modifier if you like.

Bloodnames and Blood Houses
1) In your end phase, roll 1D6 and add 1 per combat victory for the number of new Bloodnamed
2) roll 1d6 again and add 1 per combat defat for the number of blood named killed in battle.
3) The Prestige you get is equal to New Bloodnamed - Bloodnamed Killed(if the result if negative then you lose prestige).
4) On your fifth consecutive Prestige loss this way, you are penalized an additional 1D6 Prestige for a Reversal. This remains until you have a turn with a positive prestige value for the Bloodname calculation.

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