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Author Topic: (Answered) FrankenMech Question  (Read 3064 times)


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(Answered) FrankenMech Question
« on: 15 February 2011, 10:05:09 »
Is it possible to use Industrial Mech parts to build a FrankenMech? Like could I use the head from a Cattlemaster to replace the head of a Commando?  Or an arm or leg? Other body part? I would think so since there's text that says industrial mechs were cannibalized to keep battlemechs running. Would the critical hit modifier still apply to that section?

What about Environmental Sealing? If a body section mounted that would it still work when mounted on a battlemech? Like if I used a Marco's head to replace a Javelin's, would the environmental sealing still work?  If so would I have to find out how much that section of environmental sealing weighs while adding all the weight of my Frankenmech?

How about Primitive Parts? The fluff for the Ostwar indicates that its possible for modern mechs to use primitive parts, so I would think it was possible. Would the increased critical hit modifiers for primitives still apply to those parts?

What about engine ratings? With Primitive Mechs requiring more power would a modern mech with primitive limbs require a larger engine? Conversely, can a primitive mech use modern limbs and if so would it have increased speed do to the more efficient limbs?

Omni  Mechs

If I use an limb/section from an Omni it stops being an Omni right? What if the entire thing is an Omni? Like if I use a Loki  arm on a Thor would the Thor stop being an Omni mech or just that one arm?

Why can't a FrankenMech have a Torso and Head Mounted Cockpit?
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Re: FrankenMech Questsion
« Reply #1 on: 21 February 2011, 15:27:43 »

Let's see if I cover all these.

IndustrialMech parts on a BattleMech- Yes they can. All the limitations of that part apply. If you put a CattleMaster head on a Commando, that head is unsealed, has no ejection seat and does not have an advanced fire control system, so incurs a +1 to hit modifier.

Environmental Sealing or other add on equipment- If it is located in the part being used, that equipment still works. You will have to pay tonnage for it. Two most common examples will be the Sealing and Ejection seats.

Primitive Parts- They can be used and are treated exactly like they would be on a Primitive unit, including the critical hit modifiers.

Primitive Engines- They can be used but they provide power based on their starting power, not their modified power. So a 360 rated primitive engine would provide power as a 300 rated engine. You pay the weight for the 360 engine.

OmniMechs- It becomes a non-Omni, even if it uses Omni parts. Omni's are the Swiss Watches of the universe. They only work with the parts made just for them.

Cockpits- Short answer, game balance. Longer answer- conflicting computer system cannot be reconciled to eachother. While a Command Console has both pilots in the same location, splitting the pilots causes the computers to try and justify the locations and this is bad. In the end this one is all about game balance and any in universe reason is just created to support that.

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Re: FrankenMech Questsion (Answered)
« Reply #2 on: 22 February 2011, 05:23:31 »
Cool Thanks :)