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Author Topic: Is Structural Integrity(SI) of Advanced Aerospace units capital scale or not?  (Read 569 times)


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edit: I didn't checked the errata - the errata of 12. SO says those units' SI are capital scale. Sorry.

It is sure that Advanced Aerospace units listed in SO(Jumpship, Warship, and Space Station) are have capital scale armor(as Armor Diagram - Capital-Scale Armor of 12.SO says), but what about its Structural Integrity?

Nothing on SO says it's capital scale so it is normal scale, same as the other Aerospace units listed in Techmanual(Conventional/Aerospace Fighter, Small Craft, Dropship), and any capital damage penetrates the armor cause ×5 damage against SI of advanced aerospace units(×10 for capital and ÷2 for halve the damage against SI) as the other Aerospace units?

Else not only the armor, but also ALL advanced aerospace units' SI also capital scale and only cause a half of damage against SI(only ÷2 for halve the damage against SI) of those units?

Or, only some specific type of advanced aerospace unit(such as Warship, but not Space Station and Jumpship) are have capital scale SI and the others are have the same normal scale SI?

Reference: 142. SO. Advanced Aerospace Construction.

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