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Author Topic: (Answered) Repairing an Ejected Cockpit  (Read 2079 times)


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(Answered) Repairing an Ejected Cockpit
« on: 21 June 2019, 08:43:36 »
Looking at both TO and SO, I can't seem to find anything definitive on exactly what happens to the cockpit after ejection. Since the 'Mech's electronics keep working, I assume the head and its other components are still there, but is the cockpit considered to have received a critical hit? If so, should it be repaired as such? Does an entirely new cockpit component need to be purchased/fabricated?
Or is there a rule regarding reinstalling an ejection seat and cockpit canopy (assuming, let's say, the pilot walks a pristine 'Mech out of the showroom and immediately pulls the ejection lever)?

SO, pg 176: For head damage, it only specifies what happens with a "Head Blown Off" result.
SO, pg 180: The rules state that costs must be paid to replace destroyed head components (like the cockpit), but no mention of ejection.
SO, pg 183: The table lists costs for replacing a complete head as well as a cockpit (presumably as a "Weapons and Other Equipment" item) but makes no mention of an ejection system.
TO, pg 310: The rules for Full-Head Ejection Systems state that using one causes a Head Blown Off effect, but makes no mention of standard ejection.
TO, pg 196: Electronics continue to function even after ejection. Also, the description of ejection states only that the cockpit canopy and the pilot are ejected; indeed, it doesn't even say whether the pilot's seat accompanies them. No mention is made as to exactly what kind of damage this causes to the head and/or cockpit component. 
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Re: Repairing an Ejected Cockpit
« Reply #1 on: 09 September 2019, 21:52:03 »
bump with references


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Re: (Research) Repairing an Ejected Cockpit
« Reply #2 on: 12 August 2020, 14:05:39 »
Treat as destroyed for repair purposes.  There's no salvaging the cockpit rules, though that makes a fair amount of sense: I could see a house rule of half the normal repair time in such scenarios, especially since the electronics continue to function.
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