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Author Topic: (Answered) Refit rules revision and locations  (Read 779 times)


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(Answered) Refit rules revision and locations
« on: 06 September 2019, 17:48:38 »
A few cases came up trying the recent errataed refit rules out. Referencing the Refitting Revised Final document page 1 (Mostly)

1: When it comes to moving items we noticed that was a smaller job than full add or remove. Can you if you accept the extra time in refit just fully remove a component to add to another location? (So it takes 240 minutes rather than 120 but can be kept at B level). Or does it ALWAYS override to C level?

2: Engine heatsinks. Does adding a heatsink to engine count as "Adding new item to a location where nothing was removed"? If so: Can we get around that by adding additional external heatsinks to locations we DID remove stuff?
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Re: New refit rules and locations.
« Reply #1 on: 07 September 2019, 17:02:35 »
1) As it says, "(a move takes precedence over Class B)."  So it's automatically Class C.

Also, if you decide to rip something out (Class A), it specifies that you can't do anything else (that's what makes it Class A).  If you later want to take that thing you ripped out and add it somewhere else, then you've started a new refit, and you're adding something to where nothing was removed in the same refit (Class C again), except that now you've taken two separate refits, and so risk taking the Quality Rating hit twice.

2) Yes it does (Class C).  If you add heat sinks to areas where you've ripped something out, that would be Class B instead, per the rules.
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