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Author Topic: Battleforce, Special Pilot Abilities, Demoralizer  (Read 678 times)


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Battleforce, Special Pilot Abilities, Demoralizer
« on: 19 June 2022, 15:25:51 »
Ever since Battleforce got its own book as an IO book, I didn't know where to put this question.
Given the strategic scale of standard Battleforce, I figured this would be the place.
My question is focused on Standard Battleforce, not the Strategic Battleforce since I know it uses a certain collection of abilities.

Thus the question is a two parter:

1. Given how close standard Battleforce and Alpha Strike are, can Battleforce use the list of Special Pilot Abilities listed in Alpha Strike?

2. For the SPA Demoralizer, Alpha Strike talks about rolling for any unit within 6" of the pilot.
Given how that translates to short range in Alpha Strike, does that mean the same roll would be needed in its short range for Standard Battleforce or would it be any unit within the same hex as the Demoralizer?
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