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Author Topic: Omnimech custom configuration creation time  (Read 2013 times)


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Omnimech custom configuration creation time
« on: 13 February 2021, 03:33:33 »
Given enough time omnimech can be customized to a great degree, and not limited by standard configurations. But in cases where time is a limiting factor how long custom configuration creation takes?
For example, we have Adder in a prime configuration and I want to replace Targeting Computer with a set of Jump Jets.
Do I have to just spend 30 minutes per location (Master Repair Table, Replacements, OmniMech Pod) to remove Targeting Computer and pop some Jump Jets in?
Do I have to perform a refit on a prime configuration by removing Targeting Computer (120) and adding 6 Jump Jets (60*6), then multiplying total time by a refit class multiplier (let's say C, so (120+60*6)*5 for a total time of 2400 minutes), to get a custom configuration (call it Adder Jon Doe) which can be popped on and off to any Adder while I have it in storage?