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Author Topic: (Answered) Patchwork heat-dissipating armor and flaming hexes  (Read 2364 times)


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Pg 242 of the FM 3145 pdf:

Game Rules: As long as the location struck still has at least 1 point of armor remaining, Heat-Dissipating Armor reduces the heat
effects from flamers, plasma weapons, infernos, and other external sources (including fire) by half (rounding down).

How does heat from external sources (fires) work with patchwork heat dissipating armor? 

If I walk through/stand in a burning hex, how would patchwork heat dissipating armor work?
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Re: Patchwork heat-dissipating armor and flaming hexes
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Heat dissipating armor only provides a benefit if all locations have some intact. Otherwise use the normal rules: whatever insulating properties are present on the location protected are bypassed by the heat affecting elsewhere.
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