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Author Topic: Battle of Tukayyid - Force Attrition and Defender Deployment  (Read 78 times)


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I will refer to the answer in this thread in some cases, as it answers many of my questions.

In Battle of Tukayyid page 24, there is an optional rule for Battle Value/Point Value Balancing.  The Clans receive improved pilots at a reduced BV cost, for the purpose of force creation only, and Comstar get free additional BSP per track.

Code: [Select]
Clan Advantage: When using BV or PV to select Clan
forces, the cost of each unit is treated as one Experience Rating
lower than the MechWarrior’s actual Gunnery and Piloting Skills
(TW) or Skill rating (AS). For example, a Hellbringer Prime piloted
by an Elite MechWarrior with a Gunnery Skill of 2 and a Piloting
Skill of 3 usually costs 4,459 BV. Instead, for purposes of force
creation only, the Hellbringer is treated as if it is piloted by a
Veteran MechWarrior with a Gunnery Skill of 3 and a Piloting
Skill of 4, and therefore only costs the Clan player 3,503 BV
against the total BV allowed.

For deployment purposes:

 In Many of the deployment scenarios the deployment reads "Attacker Deploys up to <x%> of their Campaign Force". Page 12 defines "Force" as the total collection of units that a given side has available.

 If X is 33 should this be interpreted as:
  • 33% of it's list starting list 40k BV list (aka, the 'force pool' or 13,200 BV)
  • is it 33%, measured by BV, of it's remaining roster at actual BV (accounting for skill upgrades. From linked answer, I don't think this is the case but I wish to ask)? 
  • or is it 33% of the purchase cost of the remaining 'available' units from (Per the answer to the linked thread, it appears to also mean  "available force")
Does the clan player (attacker) exclude from the total of their "Available Force" the value of crippled units when determining their force pool? Units undergoing Internal Structure Repairs? What about replacements purchased for any losses?  Page 16 under "Repair Time" and "Purchases" indicate:
Code: [Select]
Repair Time: Any unit that undergoes internal structure
repair is unavailable for force selection until a change in Region
Purchased Units: Players may only purchase units to replace
those destroyed, and such units must be of the same unit type
(’Mech, Battle Armor, etc). Newly purchased units are unavailable
for force selection until a change in Region occurs.
The way I read this, replacement units or those undergoing Internal Structure repair would not count towards the available force. Is that the intent? 
   If it is, would I have the option to not repair the structure of a unit of mine (with the intention of never fielding it) and still use its full value in my "available force" calculation?

For Defenders, the deployment instructions are not a mirror of the Attacker (eg, Defender also deploys X% of their force), but the text reads as "The Defender is 100% of the Attacker's deployed force."

Will the Defender match the above force valuation?  Or is it intended to also be <x%> of the Defenders Available Force measured by (insert above answer) cost?

As an example: The Clan player is the Attacker and Comstar is the Defender. The 40,000 BV list (with clan skill upgrades) had an actual 52,585 BV value.  Does the Clan player deploy 17,353 BV (33% of their force measured by actual BV) on the first track and Comstar deploys 17,353 to match?

Or does the clan player deploy 13,200 BV (purchase cost) to the track and Comstar deploys the same BV measured by purchase?

Defender Deployment:
If the intent is to match a number using the "Purchase Price" as a cost how is BSP balanced? If Comstar purchases additional BSP at 500BV per point (up to 6k BV for a "Star" sized match) how is that factored into their deployment? 
If the above answer was that the Defender would deploy an equal purchase value in points, and Comstar was the defender they would have 36 BSP every track and deploy the same 13200 purchased BV of primary forces, at the expense of having a smaller reserve pool. Is that the intent?

I was thinking this the whole time, but I should spell it out. I'm specifically thinking of this within the context of the Smoke Jaguar Campaign, which takes place within only 1 region. Reinforcements aren't available until a region change, likewise units undergoing structure repair.  I wanted to start with the more straight forward campaign before moving on to others.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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