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Author Topic: (Answered) Chaos Campaign - Armor repair in area with a Hit Location crit  (Read 728 times)


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On page 8 of Chaos Campaign Succession Wars:
Repairs: Spending SP to repair a ’Mech’s armor or internal
structure restores all such damage across the entire ’Mech.
The exception is if a player spends SP to repair a ’Mech’s armor,
and one or more locations still have damage to their internal
structure. In that case, all armor is replenished except in the
locations with internal damage; those locations do not regain
any armor.

That section specifically calls out Internal Structure and not Critical Hits.

Later on page 8:
When paying
Support Points to repair a unit’s internal structure, all critical
hits are repaired and all internal structure is replenished,
even on missing locations.

This calls out Internal Structure and Critical Hits as separate items.

For my question:
  • A 'Mech took a critical hit to the center torso via the opponent rolling a 2 on the Hit Location Table and then rolling at least an 8 on the Determining Critical Hits Table
  • The damage dealt by that weapon was not enough to destroy all of the armor for that location, thus that location has no damage marked on the Internal Structure Diagram
  • The 'Mech takes a Critical Hit to its Gyro
  • The 'Mech has no other damage that battle

If the player opts not pay the cost for Repair Internal Structure but wants to pay the cost to repair the armor on the 'Mech in question, can the armor on the center torso be repaired?
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Re: Chaos Campaign - Armor repair in area with a Hit Location crit
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You can't repair armour if there is internal structure damage.  A through-armour critical is not internal structure damage, so yes you can repair the armour on that location if there is no internal structure damage.  However, this would not repair the critical.
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