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Author Topic: Chaos Campaign Skill  (Read 374 times)


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Chaos Campaign Skill
« on: 01 November 2022, 06:01:43 »
I have questions regarding skills for mechwarriors regarding Chaos Campaign (and maybe even the normal game).

In Techmanual the skills (piloting and gunnery) are in the range of 8/8 to 0/0.
In the Chaos Campaign (Total Chaos, Starterbooks) your new pilot is green with p/g 6/5.

1) So I think that some of the "worse" aka beginner skill ranges are missing.

2) I want to start a campaign with the Chaos Campaign system and start with regular skill level mechwarriors.
I dont want to start a flame war, but I like LAMs.
And I want to include them, beccause in my game they will not be that rare as in the real timelime.

But as what is a LAM bought? As a mech or aerospacefighter?
But after looking at the various above mentioned versions of Chaos Campaign I couldnt find any that said what the price of an aerospacefighter is.
There is only "Repair aerospacefighter" or "Reconfigure aerospacefighter"  mentioned.
Or is an aerospacefighter cost calculated as a mech (tonnage*10 for introductory tech and *20 for standard tech)?

3) As I want my characters to employ LAMs they have to acquire the piloting and gunnery skills for aerospacefighters.
In the skill table list you can buy skills in aerospacefighter but at what level do they start?
Or is the skill table list only for those who have already the skills in aerospacefighter?