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Author Topic: CO Dust-Off SPA and DropShips  (Read 368 times)


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CO Dust-Off SPA and DropShips
« on: 01 January 2023, 20:22:27 »
CO Corrected 3rd printing p74
TW Corrected 9th printing p87

Unit Type: VTOLs (combat and support), Fighters (aerospace and
conventional), Small Craft, DropShips

The rule for Dust-Off allows the above units to land in woods w/o taking damage
This enables the Dust-Off pilot to take off from, land within, or hover 1
Level above the ground within wooded or jungle terrain—terrain
that such vehicles could not otherwise enter.

Neat SPA, but it has a flaw when it comes to a DS.

TW DropShip landing
If the hex in which a DropShip lands is not a paved, road
or water hex, the landing hex and the six adjacent hexes are
reduced by 1 level; any adjacent hexes higher than the central
hex are automatically reduced to the level of the central hex.
If any of the seven hexes were building hexes, they are automatically
reduced to rubble, while woods hexes are automatically
reduced to rough.

Does this mean that a DropShip landing in woods would not destroy the wood hexes, or should dropships be excluded from the Unit Type that can use this SPA?