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Author Topic: (CO/BOT) Costs for repairs in SP  (Read 146 times)


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(CO/BOT) Costs for repairs in SP
« on: 11 June 2021, 17:23:30 »
My friend and I are running a campaign for our local group using the Battle of Tukkayid book, and we're having a blast, but we have a curious question, and we are stumped on how it is interpreted.

When you repair a unit that has only armor damage, the cost in SP is equal to the tonnage of the unit.
If a unit has internal structure damage, the cost is equal to 2x the tonnage of the unit.  Does that also fix the armor as well, or do you also have to pay the Tonnage of the unit again in SP.

For example:

Black Knight needs internal structure repair, so I pay 150 SP.  Does that fix the unit to brand new, or do I need to then also pay another 75 SP on top of that to repair the armor as well. 

Thanks! I did search the entire list for a clarification, but I just didn't see it.
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