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Author Topic: (Answered) Battle of Tukayyid: "Available" 'Mechs not on RAT  (Read 744 times)


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(Answered) Battle of Tukayyid: "Available" 'Mechs not on RAT
« on: 04 September 2022, 23:55:36 »
My local group is looking to start a Tukayyid campaign in AS in about a month. We're currently looking at the force building rules, and a glaring issue has arisen due to the prescribed method of force creation: it's impossible to add certain 'Mechs that are listed as "Available" but are not on the Random Assignment Table.

For example, p. 28 specifies:
Clan Options: Each Clan has some ’Mechs that are preferred or only available to that Clan. These options will be listed in the Clan Campaign sections for each Clan. Players should start by rolling on the Random Assignment Tables below, but may replace one of their rolled options with one of their Clan’s common ’Mechs once per Formation.

In the case of Clan Jade Falcon, the "common" 'Mechs on p.120 include the Kit Fox, Hellbringer, and Summoner. However, Jade Falcon-exclusive 'Mechs such as the Fire Falcon, Black Lanner, Night Gyr, and Turkina appear on the "available" list, but do not appear on the RATs as a rollable result, and the book does not provide any specifics on how to pick a 'Mech that is not on the RAT when using the specified force building rules. From my perspective, this makes the listed "Available" 'Mechs irrelevant - if all force building rules specify to roll on the RAT to pick 'Mechs, any 'Mechs not on the RAT cannot be chosen.

Am I missing something here?
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Re: Battle of Tukayyid: "Available" 'Mechs not on RAT
« Reply #1 on: 05 September 2022, 10:23:21 »
There were only something like three Turkinas total on Tukayyid, and all three were in a command that is not one of the Clusters listed for players in the Tukayyid campaign.  I don't believe there is a recorded instance of a Night Gyr being on Tukayyid.  ComStar wasn't aware of its existence until Technical Readout 3058.  Neither were anywhere near common, so they are not on the random tables. 
Similar story with Fire Falcon and Black Lanner, though they are at least noted as having been seen on Tukayyid, they were both in very limited numbers (star or two in the entire Clan).  And therefore weren't included on random tables.

The random tables don't have all possible units, particularly rare/faction exclusive units. That was a major reason for including the available list in addition to the random tables. Once the book is in your hands though, it's up to you what you want to do with it (you being the plural you, to include those you are playing with). 

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