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Author Topic: (Answered) IO - Alternate Eras Availability Rating Era Order  (Read 304 times)


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On page 27 under Availability Ratings it states that while old codes were three letter Star League - Succession Wars - Clan Invasion, the four letter codes put Dark Age first.  However, when I look at the table starting on page 29 I am seeing indications that the Availability Ratings are putting Dark Age last.  The one that first caught my eye was Improved Jump Jets; it lists a rating of XXED, with notes of IS Intro 3070 (LC).  A cursory flip through other entries in the table seems to show that the last entry is always at least as available, if not more available, than the third entry, outside of entries that go extinct with no reintroduction.
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Re: (Research) IO - Alternate Eras Availability Rating Era Order
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DA is last.

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