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Author Topic: (Answered) IO - Superheavy Battlemechs, levels, and physical attacks I  (Read 829 times)


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When a unit is 2 level higher than a Superheavy battlemech, can the Superheavy Battlemech on the lower level makes any physical attack against the unit 2 level higher than the another unit? If so then what kind of physical attacks are allowed, with modified table if it is changed?

The Different Levels Tables(Superheavy 'Mechs) on 160. Interstellar Operations only have the situation when Superheavy Battlemech is a target. And it lacks anything when the Superheavy Battlemech actually try to found the target? Is it same as normal battlemechs on 150. Total Warfare, or does it have some exceptions? 150. TW says;
Quote from: Different Levels
.. A 'Mech may make a physical attack against another 'Mech only if the level of the underlying hexes of both 'Mechs are within one level of each other. ..

And per 159. IO,
Quote from: Movement Phase
Unit Height: Superheavy 'Mechs are considered to stand 3 levels (18 meters) tall for line of sight purpose.

Does it means it is only counted for LOS, or it also counted for the different levels?
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Re: IO - Superheavy Battlemechs, levels, and physical attacks I
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A superheavy is considered 3 levels high for all purposes, including physical attacks.
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Oh, thanks! Then it is fully 3 levels higher...