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Author Topic: (Answered) IO - Clan Machina Domini, Enhanced Imaging, and destroyed sensors  (Read 965 times)


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What happens when a battlemech with a clan machina domini system has its sensors destroyed? I ask because I am unsure if there distinction between the pilots EI implants being in working order vs the EI system itself being in working order.

Does the BattleMech
-Have the machina domini, and therefore the battlemech shut down
-continue functioning with none of the benefits or penalties of enhanced imaging,  an operational machina domini system, and suffers the effects of destroyed sensors
-some other outcome

Relevant rules and threads

"The bonuses and penalties for having EI do stack with those for having an Interface Cockpit, however." Xotl-

-The “Machina Domini” interface requires three key components to function: A MechWarrior equipped with either a buffered or standard Vehicular Direct-Neural Interface (VDNI) implant (see pp. 82), a PA(L) suit equipped with a BattleMech Neural Interface Unit (see p. 116), and a BattleMech equipped with a BattleMech Interface Cockpit (see p. 116). Without all three of these components in working order, the “Machina Domini” connection (and, of course, the BattleMech itself) will not function. - Interstellar Operations page 116

Clan Machina Domini Interface: In game play, the Clan version of the Machina Domini interface functions identically to the Inner Sphere version, except that the pilot must be equipped with enhanced imaging neural implants (see pp. 75) instead of any form of VDNI-Interstellar Operations page 116

A critical hit to an EI-equipped ’Mech’s sensors will disable the enhanced imaging system, negating these benefits in addition to applying the normal effects for damaged sensors.-Interstellar Operations page 75

A ’Mech’s EI interface can be shut down during the End Phase of any game turn. A shut down EI interface will deactivate the system’s benefits, but will also protect the pilot from the negative effects of EI use in combat. (ProtoMech EI interfaces
cannot be shut down, nor can Clan Machina Domini interfaces.) -Interstellar Operations page 75
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The mech shuts down.  This will be clarified in the upcoming IO:AE reprint, and accompanying errata.
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