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Author Topic: IO - LAMs Prohibited Equipment Potential Contradiction  (Read 498 times)


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IO - LAMs Prohibited Equipment Potential Contradiction
« on: 16 February 2023, 06:48:35 »
Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras page 108 covers LAM construction.
The opening part of constructions says this "Except as noted on this list, a LAM may use any equipment not prohibited to BattleMechs, IndustrialMechs, or aerospace fighters."

Further down in the list it then says:
"Other Items: Aside from avionics and landing gear, any items that require the allocation of critical slots to more than one hit location may not be mounted on LAMs. This includes items that may normally be split between multiple hit locations on other BattleMech types. For example, a LAM may mount MASC or triple-strength myomer as either system may be allocated entirely in one hit location, but it cannot mount the Chameleon Light Polarization Shield, because that system requires 1 critical slot placed in each of the ’Mech’s limbs and side torsos."

(Emphasis in both quotes are my own)

I've seen a few questions put forth into these forums (and elsewhere) that specifically say that physical weapons are prohibited from LAMs. Through context it seems to be implied that the reason they are prohibited is because they don't meet the construction requirements, since they cannot be mounted on Aerospace units.

Edit: It was pointed out that a similar question was asked before, which answers some of these questions, but still leaves some unanswered

So my linked questions are these:

1) Is the assumption that the each piece of equipment must be able to be put on Mechs, Industrial mechs, and ASF individually correct, or just reading too much between the lines? Apparently this is correct according to a previous question asked on the forum
2) If the assumption from question 1 is correct - would TSM and MASC be line item excluded from that prohibition as it is specifically called out in the construction example? (since both TSM and MASC would normally have the same 'cannot be mounted on ASF' issue that physical weapons do)
2.a) Would TSM and MASC also be prohibited from construction, even though they are used as an example, because ASF are unable to mount TSM/MASC?
3) If the assumption from question 1 is incorrect, and that a piece of equipment merely needs to be able to be mounted on one of the units rather than all 3 - what is the specific rule that prohibits physical weapons from being equipped to LAMs? Rendered moot because equipment must be able to be mounted on ASF
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