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Author Topic: IO - Spacecraft armor introduction dates and primitive armor on capital warships  (Read 446 times)

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Question One: On page 32 of Interstellar Operations Alternate Eras, under the heading Armor (small craft, and large aerospace craft) it lists primitive armor as reaching production circa 2300 and becoming common by 2315

Is this specifically referring to primitive armor used on aerofighters, or is it referring to all armor for all types of spacecraft (as there is no separate entry for none aerofighter units).

Because, if it is the later case, the implication would be that said armor, despite being in use for two centuries on many thousands of ships ranging from shuttles to large jumpship by this point, hadn't yet made it to production status, which seems... odd.

Question Two: Per the same page reference, standard aerospace armor has an introductory date of 2470, which post dates the introduction of a large number of capital warships, all of which use at least standard armor. In addition, since there isn't actually a discrete entry for primitive armor that I am aware of, there isn't a formal ruling over whether or not a modern WarShip can use primitive armor.

The answer may seem obvious, but just to have it on the record, does this entry refer specifically to aerospace fighter armor or to all standard grade spacecraft armor as a whole? And are WarShips permitted to use primitive armor?
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