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Author Topic: (Answered) Hot Dog Special Pilot Ability and Triple Strength Myomer  (Read 637 times)


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Battletech Campaign Operations, page 76, states for the Hot Dog special pilot ability that "A character with the Hot Dog SPA is one such individual, and can apply a -1 target modifier to any roll made to avoid overheating affects (including Shutdown and Ammo Explosion checks, as well as Pilot Damage and Random Movement checks from overheating).

Triple Strength Myomer increases the 'Mech's Walking movement by 2 and running movement is recalculated.  Movement penalties from heat are applied apart from jumping.

Does this mean a pilot with the Hot Dog SPA can ignore the first heat movement penalty and thereby gain the full walking movement increase of 2 at 9 heat? 
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Re: Hot Dog Special Pilot Ability and Triple Strength Myomer
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This special ability applies to piloting checks like avoiding engine shutdowns. No piloting check or other roll applies to movement reduction, it just happens. So, no, the special ability doesn't increase speed.
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Re: (Answered) Hot Dog Special Pilot Ability and Triple Strength Myomer
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Thanks Cray. 

Further clarification is needed on what the intent of the special ability does.

The Special Pilot Ability (SPA) description also mentions a benefit regarding Pilot Damage from heat which likewise does not have a piloting check.  That would suggest that the SPA also covers other aspects of the heat envelope which do not require a roll.

Interestingly, the Alpha Strike Companion has a Pilot with Hot Dog SPA having an increased heat scale above 30 (heat 4) with movement and to-hit penalties.  Perhaps this expanded heat scale, along with the die rolls, is more inline with what was intended? For example: the heat scale and effects are extended by 4, so -1 movement point would be at 9 heat, shutdown at 34 heat. 

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