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Author Topic: (Answered) Distracting quirk used with Demoralizer SPA  (Read 1100 times)


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Distracting quirk from p. 83 BMM says among other things that "If using the Demoralizer Special Piloting Ability from Campaign Operations (see p. 74, CO), the Distracting quirk adds a +1 modifier to the demoralizer’s WIL score." This obviously can't be correct, since only the version of Demoralizer SPA found on p. 225 AToW uses WIL score. The success of Demoralizer SPA found on p. 74 CO is simply determined by PSR (with a +4 target number modifier) of "attacking"/demoralizing unit.

So how should Distracting quirk work with Demoralizer SPA if the players are using CO, and not AToW rules? Should the demoralizer simply get something like -1 or -2 (on top of the usual +4) to their target number while making the roll required to successfully use their ability?

I've already posted an errata report about this problem here because I'm fairly sure that the Distracting quirk rules are wrong, and how they should be fixed as far as use of Demoralizer SPA from AToW goes, but that report still needs to address the interaction between the quirk and the SPA from CO.
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Re: (Research) Distracting quirk used with Demoralizer SPA
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The new BMM errata addresses this.  Thanks for the report.
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