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Author Topic: QuadVee and LAM equipment  (Read 1049 times)


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QuadVee and LAM equipment
« on: 01 September 2021, 20:38:07 »
IO p 134, (QuadVees)
IO p 114-115,111 (LAMs)
IO p 120 (Jump Jets)
TM p 195 (External Consumables Pod)
TO p AU&E p149-150 (Remote Camera)
CO p 213 (Jump Jets)
XTRO:SW p 17 (Jump Jets)

IO says QuadVees are built with a Clan Technology Base. That's a pretty big Tech Base and other than Cockpits, I don't see any restrictions. Just some must includes.  Does that mean I could build an OMNI Combat Engineering QuadVee with a IndustrialMech Chassis, a FC or IC Engine, with various configurations of  industrial items such as Backhoes, saws, lift hoists, cargo bays, dumpers, bridge layers, Pile Drivers, etc?

Is there anything I can't put on a QuadVee?  Legally.

Can LAMs use Primitive Jump Jets or Prototype Improved Jump Jets? If yes, do I presume they all have to be the same type? Also if yes, would Primitive Jump Jet's +3 modifier to landing apply in all modes or just BattleMech?

Using the FrankenMech Rules, can a LAM, or any mech or vehicle, use larger Jump Jets and get more MP? For example using a 2 ton Jump Jet on a Light Mech and getting 4 Jump MP? I thought there'd been a ruling on this but I'm not seeing it in the book so I'm double checking.  If it is possible to do that, would any extra jump MP beyond the Mech's walking or running speed as the case may be, be wasted? Like an UrbanMech with a single 2 ton Jump Jet still only jumping 2 MP, not 4.

I'm going to guess, LAMs can use multiple smaller jump jets the way Mechs can but they'd have the Illegal Quirk since at that point the LAMs would weigh 60 tons or more?.

I was under the impression that due to an old ruling here that because LAMs can carry External Fuel Tanks in their Bomb Bays they could also carry External Consumables Pod. I was also under the impression that because LAMs could carry external TAG Pods in their Bomb Bays, that they could also carry Recon Camera Pods.  Are those rulings still valid? I ask because I don't see them listed under LAM's Bomb Ordnance Table. Of course I don't see them listed under any bomb tables.  :(

What are the Tech and Availability Ratings of the External Consumables Pod and their Costs?

Thanks :)


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Re: QuadVee and LAM equipment
« Reply #1 on: 06 February 2022, 10:22:09 »
Bump  :)