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Author Topic: (Answered) Question on BofT Tukayyid campaign Forced Withdrawal and Supply track  (Read 659 times)


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So! Forced Withdrawal in BoT is defined on page 34 as:
    Crippling Damage: Any ’Mech that suffers crippling damage
    must withdraw from the map Crippling damage is defined as one
    or more of the following:

    • Four or more points of damage to the MechWarrior
    • The destruction of all Sensor critical slots
    • One gyro and one engine critical hit
    • Two engine critical hits
    • The destruction of a side torso location
    • Internal structure damage in either three or more limbs or
      two or more torso locations (torso internal structure damage
      does not count towards crippling damage if that location
      still has front armor)
    • The loss of all weapons*
This seems pretty straight forward to me, and as I understand it, units that are considered Crippled are counted as having to follow Forced Withdrawal rules. The two are basically one and the same.

However, on page 39, there is a track called "Supply" which has the following objective:

Resist! (Attacker only): At least 50% of the Attacker’s force survives
until the end of Turn 10; units under Forced Withdrawal count
toward this total, crippled units do not [100]

Here we see that units under FW count toward achieving this objective, but those that are Crippled do not. If 'Mechs that are Crippled must Forcefully Withdraw, how can a unit be Crippled, but not counted as under Forced Withdrawal?

Further, there is another two objectives:

Brush Them Off (Defender only): Destroy or cripple 25% of the
Attacker’s force; units under Forced Withdrawal count toward
this total [100]

Push Them Back (Defender only): Destroy or cripple 50% of the
Attacker’s force; units under Forced Withdrawal count toward
this total [100]

These are straight forward and logical, making the other objective above even more confusing. Can anyone parse what's going on here, please?[/list]
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Crippled will generally cause the unit to be in Forced Withdrawal, but there are options that make a unit able to ignore going into Forced Withdrawal. So it's possible to be crippled but not in Forced Withdrawal, but you'd need a special command ability or special pilot ability or some other option that overruled the general crippled causes Forced Withdrawal rule.
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Oh! That's pretty straight forward then.

I'll bring this to my table and see what we want to do. Thanks for the quick and easy reply!